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Friday, May 15, 2009

Crazy Week and Brady's School Project

It's been a crazy week for me. Here is a re-cap.

*Cleaned two houses
*came home
*Jason and Sharon came over for a visit
*then I went to clean the business I clean Monday evenings.
*came home and went to bed. Busy Day!

*Cleaned two houses
*came home and started taking out cement boarders around flower beds to get ready for curbing.
*Brady needed to go to the Meridian Library for his School project- unfortunately they didn't have a book we needed here in Meridian.
*Arrived home in time to meet C & J Curbing to walk the yard, paint where I wanted curbing and get my bid.
*forgot about the Biggest Loser final show - missed the first hour, but was able to see the last hour. Helen (my age) won - looked amazing at 117 pounds. One hot mama! I wanted Tara to win - but am really excited for Helen. It was a great season.
*went to bed

*Cleaned two houses
*came home, got cleaned up
* took Brady to the Boise Library to get books for his school project. They had to have two resources from actual books. I think it is totally crazy you can't just use the Internet. I also was mad that I had to go into Boise to get a book!!!!!
*ran to the store to get School Project board and other supplies.
*went to bed.

*Clean two houses. One home was Mary Kay and the same day as her Mother's funeral. The family was there in the morning and I had to clean around them. It was a hard day - sad day to be around the family.
* Came home showered.
*Brady came home with Nichole to finish his school project.
*Ran to the store to get a Bridal Shower gift - for shower open house tonight. Also got copies for the Baptism gifts for my two appointments tonight.
*Came home ordered pizza for Brady and Nichole.
*Ran to my baptism appointments and the bridal shower open house.
*bugged Brady and Nichole and took pictures. Then took Nichole home.
*went to bed.

Here is a picture of the Boise Library that we had to drive 20 minutes to get there, do research and come home 20 minute drive. Errrrr still kinda mad about that! (OK... I'm a wimp - I have a tough time going out again after a long hard day of cleaning - and driving to downtown Boise).

Brady putting their names on the back of the poster. Yes, the poster is vertical and it cracked me up that he didn't lie it down. Silly kid!
Here is Nichole working on the computer and printing out items for the Project board.
Here are pictures of Brady and Nichole doing their School Project for their Science class. Their project was on the Lochsa River (pronounced "Lock-Saw") in Northern Idaho.
Near the end of the evening.... from 3: 30 to 8:30 pm.. they were getting a little silly.
Here is the Project. Brady drew the Idaho picture in the center of the project board. They really did a great job! I'm glad Nichole could come over and work on it with him (they were a team). It was a long evening.

That's my busy week. Yeah it's Friday..... I cleaned two houses -- came home and decided I needed to get busy blogging!! It's been a slow blogging week. You get lucky with 3 different blogs in one day.. It' doesn't happen often - just trying to catch up! Enjoy the weekend! (sorry I haven't commented too much this week.) I am hoping that next week is a bit calmer!


Zoey said...

I was about to ask who Nicole was. Yes, it is common to ask for different sources, some online and some from textbooks because anyone can put something online and not all sites are reliable.

The Garden of Egan said...

Wow, I thought my week was tough! You make my tired ache!
I love your blog, thanks for posting on mine. You definitely live on the warm end of the State. You probably have flowers blooming, I am just now getting ready to THINK about planting my garden.

Hope this upcoming week you can put your feet up.


Small House said...

OH SONDRA...So sorry you had a crazy week to. I WAS SO GLAD FOR FRIDAY AFTERNOON!!!

I live in the boonies, and I'm 20 minutes from everywhere. 20 minutes from work, 20 minutes from town, 20 minutes or more from the schools, kids friends....etc. I GET REALLY TIRED OF IT. SO...I did feel bad for you.

I always thought Meridian was by Pocatello. Is it not?

Have a great day. And REST on Sunday

wendy said...

You are a very busy woman indeed ----Brady's project looks like it turned out Awesome!!!! You need a nice bubble bath girl

Sondra said...

Thanks for all of your kind words! Life does get crazy at times. I'm glad it isn't always like that. Yes... rest on Sunday - I love Sundays!

Sandra... Meridian is by Boise. I grew up in Pocatello... but now live in a much milder climate - Yeah! I drive all around Boise all day long going from house to house. It's hard to get excited to drive in again after I've been there all day. 20 minutes doesn't seem like a long time - but it does get tiresome - driving all the time - worse in heavy traffic and road construction. Anyway - thanks for understanding my frustration - LOL!

Kimmie said... are an amazing mom and person!! I love your happy, positive attitude!

The Joys of kids and school projects and having kids involved in different activities. I as well live 15 minutes out of town from anything and so when your kids tell you last minute they need something after having a long hard day, it is hard to "put on a happy face" and not let them see your frustration.

BTW....I can't believe what an AWESOME teacher you are to your 8 year olds. That is VERY much going the extra mile. Your primary kids are lucky to have you!

OH...and I LOVE all of your curbing you are doing. I can tell already it is going to be gorgeous!

I hope you are able to have a relaxing weekend before the start of another week. You deserve it!

Cherie said...

What a crazy week you have had my friend.
I hope you get a moment to kick up your feet and enjoy the sunshine today!


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