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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brady's Piano Recital

Brady started playing the piano when he was in 2nd grade and has been playing for 7 years. He really enjoys sitting down and playing the piano all the time. However, he hates to "practice" for piano lessons. He is such a cute and talented boy. I'm very proud of his accomplishments in playing the piano.

This is a younger Brady playing the piano - look at that cute smile which shows that he has always loved playing the piano (yeah right .... does any kid like practicing the piano?). I'm really glad he has stuck with it because he really has been blessed with a musical talent!
Friday night, May 8, 2009, Brady had a Piano Recital.
This is his teacher, Glenna (her husband is our home teacher). This is a picture from last years recital 2008 - I didn't take a picture of Glenna this year.
The next picture is from Friday and in this picture Brady is telling the audience what songs he will be performing. Brady is Glenna's most advanced student and was the last student to perform.

Brady played:
"Hallelujah Chorus" written by George Frederic Handel (arrangement by John Thompson)
"When She Loved Me" (from Toy Story 2) written by Randy Newman
He did a great job. Here is a picture of him getting ready to play "When She Loved Me".
I enjoyed the recital. There were a bunch of children from my ward who performed and two from my primary class.

The children from my Primary class are:

Collin played: "My Electric Car" written by Jane Bastian

Jonathan played: "Go Tell Aunt Rhodie" written by James Bastien

The other children from our Primary:

Brialee played "Tiresome Woodpecker" by John Thompson

Parker played "Dutch Dance" by John Thompson and "Rhino in the Mud" by Randall & Nancy Faber.

Brandon played "The Fairies Harp" by John Thompson.

Analee played "Chimes" by Traditional Tune, arr. John Thompson.

Sydnee played "Skip to My Lou" by Traditional Folk Tune arr. James Bastien.

Bridger played "Largo" by Anton Dvorak arr. James Bastien.

Ayden played "Lamb at School" by James Bastien and "Ode to Joy" by James Bastien.

Glenna (the teacher) wrapped up the recital by playing "Etude in E Major" by Frederic Chopin - Arr. John W. Schaum.

I enjoyed the evening and am very thankful for such a wonderful teacher. Thanks Glenna - you are awesome!


Zoey said...

That is great! Faith is finishing up her first books next week - it will have taken her about 5 months to finish, which I think is wonderful! Music is SO much fun! Thanks for sharing Brady's talent with us!

Cherie said...

Good Job Brady!

I don't think anyone likes to practice but the results are marvelous!! Keep up the good work.

Brady has a dang cute smile - He's a GREAT kid!!

Lynn said...

I love it when guys learn to play the piano...he is quite the shining star !


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