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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back Yard Pictures

Oh, the joys of spring and plants coming to life. I love nature! I love the beauty in every flower that blooms. It is such a great haven for me to enjoy.

This is my garage before:
The garage after - with help of perennials growth. Lovely!
I love the irises and the orange poppies.
This is the before picture of the kidney shaped island off of the patio:
The miniature rose bushes are starting to bloom. Soon they will be fully covered in miniature roses. I have all the grass out of the edges and it's planted.
The backside of the kidney shaped island. There used to be a huge perennial there that I didn't really like. The flowers were not pretty and it was taking over the berm. It took me a while to dig it out - but it's done and now I can have pretty flowers. Yeah!
This is off the patio going out the gate on the side of the house. Before:
Kinda shady... but after with some growth from perennials and it's planted.
This is the side flower bed that goes the length of the back yard from the gate to the cement pad in back. This is before - I took out a rose bush after the first arborvitaes.
Now it is clean and planted.
This is the corner by the gate - same side.
A wider look at the arborvitaes without the rose bush in between the first big one and the next one. At the end of the 3rd arborvitaes is the lilac bushes without any lilacs *pout*.. but it was fun while it lasted.
This is the other side of the patio. I took out 3 rose bushes and plan to plant arborvitaes - but haven't purchased them yet. I cleaned out the grass... Before:After from the patio. You can see I have a TV on the patio - an out door room.
Another look.
And a look going into the patio.
The patio is nice and clean. My potted plants are all doing really well.
There are more picture of the yard coming - in chunks. It's too much to post all at once.
Every day that I wake up and open the curtains to my bedroom I smile. I love the warmth and beauty that greets me each day that I wake up and walk out to the back yard.
I can't hardly wait until all the flowers grow and fill in every last patch of dirt. It's gonna be awesome!


Scrappy Girl said...

Looks like a great place to relax... makes me want to go out and sit on the patio with a good book!

Connie said...

you have been busy! What a beautiful yard! I love the picture with the irises and poppies.
Looking forward to more pictures.

The Garden of Egan said...

That is beautiful and it looks like you have worked hard! Very relaxing. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.

Ann Marie said...

Great work Sondra!
You have been SUPER busy!
~ And you painted on top of this? You are wonder woman!!

I can't wait to plant lots of bushes, perennials and trees. I hope next year to do cement curbing and start. We'll see.

I am jealous of the covered patio!
One day! I love to be outside in the flowers.. Like you.. it brings me GREAT joy!

Have a happy weekend!

Zoey said...

Fun- how much do you spend on flowers every year? I really need to give my flower beds some tlc.

Small House said...

WOW Sondra! Your fingers must be tired! Your yard is gorgeous. Your porch looks so inviting. I'll bring the Fresca and crushed ice!!

Thanks for sharing all your hard work. I love visiting your blog. You are such a great lady. Raising your family, and working so hard. Really, it's quite inspiring!
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Makes me home sick I've been working on mine It coming along . Wish I knew how to send pictures.So you could see what happened here. Richard is going to get me a load of bark today.
Yor are my daughter. With all the beauty that you've created around you. Soooooooo peasfull.
I'm coming next week. Will call tomorrow

Bobbi Jo said...

Beautiful! I love all the flowers so pretty. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


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