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Friday, May 15, 2009

8 Yr. Old Birthday Gift for My Primary Children

As you may know, I used to be the Primary President. This is the first year for a long, long time that I haven't been the Primary President or in the Presidency. When I turned over the boxes of supplies to the new Primary President I thought she would use all the same things we have been using for years during the Baptism Preview.

However, the Baptism preview was really....really low key. It actually ran about 15 minutes. I was disappointed - sometimes it's hard to be the ex-president. I made the Baptism Preview extra special. I spoiled them!

During the January White Sales, I picked up enough white towels to give each child for their baptism day. I also made up booklets of baptism ideas from past Friend magazines and encouraged parents to read these stories and do these activities with their child. I gave them a memory book for their baptism day, a CTR ring and their Faith in God Book.

Well, the new Presidency didn't do any of this. I was sad.

I decided that since this was my class, they would still get all these fun things as their birthday gift from me their teacher.
This week I had two birthday girls, Annie and Lindsey. I made an appointment with them for Thursday night.

I tied a ribbon around the white towel and attached the poem below:
I think I found the poem from The Idea Door.
My Baptism Towel

This baptism towel is to help remind you
Of your baptism day all the years through.
When you come out of the water all clean and pure,
Dry off with this towel and you can be sure,
That you are as clean as this towel is white.
And the Holy Ghost will be with you both day and night.
For the Holy Ghost is your gift after the laying on of hands,
And will be a comfort and a guide if you obey God's commands.
Your CTR ring will help remind you to be strong
As you continue to learn right from wrong.
When your towel becomes soiled, remember that we, too,
May sometimes make mistakes and we've been taught just what to do.
Just as you can wash your towel so it can again be clean,
The wrongs you make can be washed away and never again be seen.
Your Heavenly Father loves you, remember always to pray,
And He will be beside you for forever and a day.

Next I give a memory book. You can find it to print out from the Idea Door here:
Here is the booklet I made with stories and activities from The Friend magazine. There is also a cover page with general information about the covenant we make when we are baptised and about the baptism day. You can click on the picture to get a better look at what the cover letter says.
I have a binding machine in my home - it makes giving these books easy and nice looking.

I still love to get excited about each person who decides to be baptised. I really enjoyed meeting with Annie and Lindsey last night! They are the sweetest girls.


Janice said...

This is the class I would love to teach. I teach the nine year olds, but I covet the eight year old class. It is great that you do this for your class.

Zoey said...

That is awesome! We did the eight is great activities (one for each day before your baptism). It was so much fun to do that I'm sure we will do it with Dawson and Kate. They are SO lucky to have such a wonderful teacher like you!

Cherie said...

I love the Baptism towel - they can REALLY use that. The poem is so cute.
You are great always going the extra mile!


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