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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Walk With Angels

Tuesday night was our enrichment night. It was very spiritual and I ended up crying through most of the talks because the spirit was so strong. The theme was "A Walk With Angels".

There was a musical number to start off the evening about angels (sung by Carla and another lady not from our ward). It was beautiful and provided a spiritual feeling for the evening.

Then they did a slide show presentation of all the women in our ward with "Angels Among Us" from Alabama - music below - playing in the background.

The emphasis of the evening was visiting teaching. There were many stories about angels in our ward who touch the lives of others around them through their service. It made me feel like I need to do more, give more service, be an angel too. It didn't bring me down with guilt... it lifted me up to want to be better. The stories touched my heart. I remember a talk given in General Conference that Heavenly Father answers prayers through people around us. That has always stayed with me and I tried to find the talk to link - but couldn't. Do you remember that talk?

Anyway, I know it is true that we can be an angel to others in need. Especially now with so many people going through tough times. We can lift others up through quiet service and befriend those that are lonely.

Then we all left the RS room to the cultural hall where the directors from the cannery came and gave a presentation on what is available through the cannery. They also discussed food storage and being prepared.

Then we had more talks. Ann gave a great talk tying Visiting Teaching into food storage. She told a story about how she had purchased a bunch of those white bucket full of food and they were in her living room when a neighbor came over. Her neighbor, a college professor and not a member of our church asked about it. Ann didn't want to sound like a lunatic by explaining what we believe, but she did - she opened her mouth and explained that our church teaches us to be prepared in case of a loss of job, a natural disaster or illness. This neighbor had recently returned from a seminar discussing a pandemic / bird flu and what would happen. She was concerned that her family wasn't prepared and her prayers/concerns were answered by a visit to her neighbor who opened her mouth and wasn't ashamed to help a neighbor learn about being prepared.

Then Gayle got up and spoke about how visiting teacher (angels) had helped her sister and mother (family) when she was too far away to help them herself. What a blessing it has been to their family - the service and love given in need. Then other women shared how angels have touched their lives too. (I cried a lot - very touching when you hear about real angels)

Then we went back into the RS room to close the meeting and Sandy gave us all a gift. A framed picture of Angel Moroni to each sister in our ward. It is Beautiful! A reminder of this wonderful Man who has done so much for us when he was on the earth and when he was an angel helping Joseph Smith restore the gospel back on the earth again. Angel Moroni is on top of most of the LDS temples throughout the world - blowing his horn - that the same Gospel that Jesus Christ set up while he was on the earth, has been restored to the earth again. (I know this to be true) After closing the meeting in prayer, we went back into the cultural hall and sampled food made from food storage. I will be posting all of the recipes over the weekend. I have to say that it was yummy! Every dish was wonderful! Who knew food storage could be sooooo yummy!! Maybe you already knew that - but I've been trying to collect lots of food storage recipes to go along with everything I store. It's a good feeling to be prepared enough to know what to do with all of that food now and not when you are in the midst of an emergency.

It was a VERY wonderful evening and I am very thankful that I was able to attend and partake of the spirit there.


Cherie said...

This sounds like a wonderful evening.

I cannot believe they gave all the sisters such a beautifully framed picture - Wow!

Zoey said...

I love being uplifted! Sounds like an evening that I would have totally enjoyed.

Michelle said...

I've never heard the song before--LOVED it!!!

thanks for sharing (so beautifully) with us.

Scrappy Girl said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening and it also sounds like you left in good spirit with the desire to be better...I think you are already great! I love being inspired to be better.


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