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Monday, April 13, 2009

Primary Easter Lesson

It's April and a new month. Below is the monthly theme and scripture page. I was surprised that there wasn't a song for the month. The song leader gets to choose there own. Here is the journal page.
And the lesson hand out - they drew a self portrait in the middle of the circle.
I wanted to give the children a Easter surprise. This was a huge challenge for me to come up with something. I do not like to give treats - food, especially since they all received an Easter basket full of goodies that morning.

While I was trying to find cool things for Brady's Easter basket at Deseret Book and Seagull book - I wandered around trying to find something really cool to give the children. I just could not get inspired. I thought I would purchase a beautiful picture of the Savior - but neither store had enough quantity of anything for my class - I like to have quantity 15 in case I have visitors and to cover my huge class. The store clerks were worried about my wandering and kept checking me out - while I was trying to get inspire - LOL...

I had checked out Sophia's Primary Idea earlier this week and her great idea kept coming to my mind. Ultimately that was the choice I decided to go with. Here is her link to the Easter Ideas she posted - here:

Here is her idea that I used:
In the April Ensign 2009 on page 40 starts an article called "He is Risen". Take a jar and cover it with gray clay, making it look like a rock tomb. Make the lid into a rock. Cut out the scriptures and pictures from this article and put them in a jar. There are 20 pictures/scriptures total. They are short scriptures, perfect for young children. Along with some of the pictures, add small service projects that can relate to that scripture or picture. A week or two before Easter have your child draw one or two out each morning. Display the pictures where they can be seen. Plan so that on Easter the jar will be empty (just like Jesus' tomb) but our hearts aren't because we served others and read our scriptures!

This is what I decided to do: Make the play dough recipe here:

Covered a pint jar - I probably should have used quart jars - but I didn't. Cover the jar to look like a rock tomb and the lid is the rock that rolls away.
I copied, cut out and glued the picture information on the back of the pictures from April 2009 Ensign starting on page 40.

I sent a kit home with each student for them to spend the Easter sabbath making their tomb and putting the pictures inside. It was my hope that this activity would help them remember what Easter is truly about - the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love visual reminders and absolutely loved every picture in this article.


Cherie said...

Sondra this is very clever - Love the tomb - Way cool!

Zoey said...

You are such a great teacher! I'm sure that they will be disappointed next year when they don't have you again!!!

Small House said...

WOW...great idea. You do a lot for those cute kids. They'll love you forever.

I'm making the cheese cake!!! YUM
Have a great day.


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