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Monday, April 20, 2009

Motivational Monday - Understanding Self-Reliance

If you look up the word "reliance" in the dictionary, you will find that it is defined as having absolute certainty in the trustworthiness of another. If you put the word "self" in front of it, you change the meaning to being absolutely certain of your own trustworthiness.

In the 1996 November Ensign, President Gordon B. Hinckley responds to a question on physical self-reliance. "Why are members of the Church expected to keep a year's supply of food, clothing and fuel?" he was asked. His reply was, "We teach self-reliance as a principle of life, that we ought to provide for ourselves and take care of our own needs. And so we encourage our people to have something, to plan ahead, on hand, to establish a savings account, if possible, against a rainy day. The individual ought to do for himself all that he can. When he has exhausted his resources, he ought to turn to his family to assist him.

Heavenly Father has placed us on earth to learn. He expects different things from us at different times. As we grow up we are expected to be able to do more and more for ourselves. You expect a fifteen year old to be able to do a lot more than a fifteen month old. Each year, as you grow older, your abilities change and you become more independent.


Small House said...

Sondra, very nice post. I agree with this MORE then you can ever know!!

Have a good day.

Lynn said...

Good one Sondra...thanks for following 2 of my blogs too LOL !

Self Reliance is one of the many principles that made America great. We must continue to live this important principle daily and encourage others to do the same. It brings so much security and peace when we do...

I am so thankful for a Prophet of God on the earth today and when we heed his counsel, we will be just fine !

Something Marvellous said...

This is a great post! I just had a Welfare Training last week for RS and the main emphasis was on teaching Self-Reliance. It has totally changed how I teach and train.

Cherie said...

Great post Sondra! Goes right along with the Stake Conference. It just goes to show how long they have been giving us this message. It is not only timely but very needed.
I totally agree!

Thanks :D


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