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Thursday, April 30, 2009

MHS Spirit Week

This week, Brady's school is celebrating "Spirit Week". The kids are encouraged to dress up everyday this week in a different theme.

Monday"s theme: Rocker ..... Brady forgot or didn't know about spirit week when he went to school. It just happened that he had on a "Music" t-shirt and fit in great!!

Tuesday's theme: Lazy day / P.J. day ..... Brady wore P.J.'s to school. I didn't get a picture with him in them - but these are the P.J. bottoms he wore with a regular t-shirt. He was only one of a few people who dressed up... Lot's of people in the halls commented "Nice P.J.'s".
Wednesday's theme: Cowboy and hat day: Brady wore this hat... His hat was the biggest at school. He really had a fun day yesterday!
Thursday's theme: Hawaiian day or Hippie day... Brady decided to wear his "peace" shirt. He is being nice to me and letting me take these pictures... What a great kid!!
Friday's Theme is going to be School Colors, which is appropriate for "Spirit Week".
I am really proud of Brady for participating in school activities. High School can be fun if you are involved and make it fun. I've always stressed that it is much more fun to be weird and have fun then "Too Cool" to enjoy life. I hope he always keeps this fun loving spirit in him, it is truly the only way to enjoy life and the journey!
This past weekend our stake had youth conference for the teenagers in our stake (area church members). Brady attended all day Saturday and wrapping up with a fireside on Sunday. I have been begging Brady to another guest blog about all the fun... Hopefully he will. I wasn't there which means I can't really blog about it.


Something Marvellous said...

Oh, I remember spirit week from H.S. It was SO fun, especially Pajama Day. :)

Janice said...

I am a first time visitor. I have seen you around blogland and thought I would come by and see who you are. I enjoyed looking at your blog. I loved the pictures of your plants and flowers.
Good for your son to do spirit week. It shows he is sure about himself. I was always was to self-conscious to dress up. Way to go!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Oh I loved spririt probably could have guessed that...I loved weird hair day and nerd day best!

Ann Marie said...

Spirit week brings back lots of memories! I think we had those same days as well... Things don't change much do they??

Zoey said...

I love that Brady participated and did everything at the school! It sounds like a blast!

Zoey said...

Sondra - I need to figure out how to change my playlist to only play if they hit play - do you know how to do this?

wendy said...

Well,he certainly sounds like a neat kid - and dang handsome you can tell him I said so. Yes Yes Yes, enjoy those high school years. Kids who worry to much about being a GEEK never really get to have the FUN. I enjoyed all those things with my 5 kids and I miss it.

wendy said...

apparently I thought what I had to say was important as it got entered twice??????????/

Sondra said...

Janice, Welcome to my blog! I'm glad you stopped by and left a comment - Yippee!!

Scrappy Girl -- Really?? LOL!!

Wendy - no problem. I was able to delete the duplicate.


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