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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mexican Flu Outbreak

Have you heard about the flu outbreak in Mexico? It is being spread rapidly, human to human. It is a combination of the swine flu, bird flu and human flu. There have been deaths and the World Health Organization is very concerned about this being a pandemic.

Are you prepared yet? I currently have 80 surgical N-95 masks in my home. Do you have any yet? You'll need a new one each time you are out of your house, one before you enter into your house, an new one if you are taking care of a patient. If you have children, you'll need one for them too. We also need Clorox to clean our homes with. I really get concerned with all of this "earth friendly" cleaners that people are making in their home. I totally disagree and think you need something that can kill the virus. As you know..... I am a germ and clean freak. My goal in cleaning a home is to get rid of germs. I am afraid that with all this "green" cleaning stuff, people are putting their homes at risk of being "sick" homes. (that is just my opinion).

Here is another great idea to have in your homes is Peroxide. Check out this post:

We need to make sure we have at least a three months of supplies to take care of our families. Plus, savings to pay our bills. Who knows when our threat will be a pandemic that shuts everything down. Mexico is really close to the US. We have lots of Mexican Citizens here in Idaho and who are coming now for the farming season. I hope they don't come when they are ill or are carrying the virus. This virus could easily be spread to Idaho and many states in between. It has already spread to Texas and southern California.

Here is a blog I did a while ago about preparing for a pandemic...

Here are two articles you can read if you haven't heard about this flu. This is a real risk - please prepare your families.


Cherie said...

I just heard about this today. I sent the article to my daughter and SIL who are planning a trip to Mexico this summer. He served his mission there and they are having a reunion and then on to Texas. Makes me nervous 'cause sometimes kids don't take this stuff seriously.
My own husband say "Aww you can't worry about everything". (But I still do!! - we are alot alike!).

The seven people in the U.S. that had it all recovered so that is a good sign. I hope it resolves itself quickly and does not spread.

Good idea to have masks, etc...

If you get a chance copy and paste this URL:

Jenny talks about how peroxide is acutually better for cleaning than Clorox. I am the Clorox princess (you are the Queen - hee hee) so I found it quite interesting. Wondered what you think.

Scrappy Girl said...

scary...I have plans to start adding to my bleach, fever reducers, food, water, and such today. I hope it stays away!

Zoey said...

I'm so glad that you keep me informed. I haven't heard of it yet - still working on getting things ready for emergency situations. Every day we are more prepared than yesterday, which is a start.

Lynn said...

Being prepared is the key...I also agree that all these Green products are useless during a time of pandemic. The masks are a nice thing...I think they might give a false sense of security but better to have them than not !

Staying out of crowds, not shaking hands (and if you do wash them ) and if you touch anything the general public ( that includes at home ) also touches are the other big way a pandemic is spread. Our hands, surfaces and the air we breathe all put us at risk !


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