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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Handouts for General Conference

I found this really cute idea from Everyday Food Storage (button on the right side of my blog). This is a General Conference kit for the sisters I visit teach. I made them up and dropped them off Friday night.

The link for this cute idea is here: They made up the poem and I just had to print it out. This is what the poem said:

Your Personal General Conference Kit
Just POPPING (Popcorn) by to wish you a meaningful conference weekend. Sit back, relax and SOAK (lotion) it all in. Hope you learn something EXTRA (gum) and take NOTE (notepad) when you feel the spirit. Enjoy!
I was able to get these cute journal's to put in the kit from the dollar store. It was a fun thing to give to the ladies I visit teach.
We gave our Primary class this conference packet to work on while they watched General Conference this past weekend. I'm excited to find out if they worked on them. This packet was available through sugardoodle and I found it off of Cherie's site. Here is the link:
As a side note ... sorry I didn't get these ideas posted last week. Perhaps you can use them in October.


Cherie said...

I bet your VT ladies loved these!

I enjoy taking cute things to the ladies I VT too. I will have to keep this idea in mind for next time!

Brandon said...

That is the cutest thing ever. Where do you come up with all of your ideas?

Small House said...

What a great idea. I'm printing it and adding it to my idea file.

You must be the cutest primary teacher!!!! You have the sweetest ideas and things you do for the children.

Thanks for sharing everything!!!!!

T. L. C. said...

Hey! Oh my goodness, I have missed so much! But, you did a very darling thing for the ladies you visit.

I'm a sucker for gift ideas like this and I'm sure they all loved it! What a great Idea. I'll have to use this one in the future.

Connie said...

Sondra, thanks for posting this. I just printed off the notes and will put the packets together for my sisters.


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