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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wayback Wednesday

I thought I would post some pictures of my Mom and me when I was a baby. Today would be way - way - WAY back Wednesday!!
Sondra as a new baby with my Mom, Zoey.
My Mom who always thought she was fat and has always been on the "D" word. I just shake my head that she had such a bad body image. She is beautiful! Look at her after 4 children.

My Mom was a clean freak like me. She put us outside to eat messy sticky foods. In the winter we were confined to the kitchen and quickly cleaned up when the mess was over.
Sticky and gooey Sondra!
My Mom loves to plant lots of flowers. We always had a flower garden growing up. It looks like I snatched a few flowers from her garden.
A lazy day in the sun.............
..........with my Mom. Don't you love the car and bike in the back ground?


Scrappy Girl said...

I love all those photos especially the last one! Thanks for the peek at the past! You were a cute baby!

Cherie said...

I just wrote a comment and went to post it and something went haywire so if you get 2 comments from me you'll know why.

Are you going to start doing Wayback Wednesday now? I Love it!! I love seeing everyone's memories and old pictures :D

You were seriously a cute, cute baby. I love your smile in the 4th picture and I can really see Brady with the hair. Cute!!

I also love all the old stuff. The old car and the old baby equipment. Can you believe we all lived through those things and had fun! Can you believe our parents had to live in a black and white world - ha ha.

Small House said...

Oh....You were such an adorable little girl!! Loved the last picture. The first thing I thought, was "LOOK AT THAT CAR!" My husband would have loved it.

Happy memories...cute mom. Life is good.

Rhonda said...

Oh wow I have never seen these pictures I love them. I am sorry mom cracked her head and fell. I hope she is doing better. It sounds like you guys are having a great time!

Michelle said...

how fun! my mom was the same way with her body image.

Ann Marie said...

Are you sure we are not related?
Your family sounds like my family..

I love every single photo.
Black and whites are my favorites..

I need you to e-mail me your phone number and I will give you mine..
I always lose your e-mail...

It looks like we may be back ON for the trip to ID this weekend..
I'm hoping we can meet up sometime during all of the crazy!!

Robyn said...

Fun pictures! The high chair looks soo familiar.... You were a beautiful baby and grandma does look good!

Zoey said...

I just LOVE the old pictures. They are just SO much fun to help remind us of those good ole days! I laugh about being in the high chair outside when you were eating messy foods. Thanks for sharing!

T. L. C. said...

What asweet and endearing post for you and your mom. And yes your mom looks stunna. Diet days? after for children, i can only dream to look like that.

Your mom past on some great wisdom and I'm so happy you still have her. Your little girls and sweet summer outfit was cutie. Cutie-Tootie is what I say!


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