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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break and Visit From My Neice

Yeah!! It's Spring Break!! Too bad the weather is windy and rainy! Brady has been enjoying time off from school playing on the computer and watching movies. It's a lazy easy life for him this week, no hard work on his brain.

However, for me .... I don't get any time on the computer. That equals to = no blog time.

I piled up most of cleaning my customers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - so now I basically have Thursday and Friday off to spend some fun time with Brady. Even though I worked really hard those three days, it will be soooooo worth the 4 days to relax and enjoy spring break.
Sunday I had a VERY nice visit from my niece, Zoey Michelle and her family. Her husband is Brandon, the oldest daughter is Faith, Middle son is Dawson and baby girl is Kate. They were here over the weekend to see a David Archuletta concert. They stayed with her sister Robyn in Nampa.

Lucky for me, the decided to come and attend church with me, have a quick dinner then return home to Pocatello.

Every time Michelle and I am together, we talk and talk and talk. There is never enough time. They had planned on going home at 2PM, but we talked too much and they left at 3:30PM. It was worth it for me to see them and visit.

I made a roast for dinner, but it wasn't very good - not completely done, fall apart done. Oh well, it always seems like dinner isn't my best when I fix for others. It was OK, but not the best.
I tried to take some more pictures, but my camera doesn't go too fast and I missed a bunch. I did get a good one of Kate inside the expandable ball.
A quick moving one of Faith. Faith came to my primary class and had such a great time. I loved having her there. She loved our binder idea and the hand outs. I had made up two extra binders in case we get anymore kids that move into our ward and class. I decided to send a binder home with her and she loved it.

I told her I was her grandma's sister. She said, "I can tell.... you two act a lot a like". I thought that was cute and sweet, since I think Cindy my sister is fabulous.

It was an awesome visit. I really love my niece and her family. We are great friends and I think she is terrific, talented and a great mother. Thanks for spending the extra time with me. I Love you Michelle!


Small House said...

We had a girl in our ward go to a David Archuletta concert in Idaho this past weekend. ANYWHO...Your weekend looked like a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy the next couple of days off, hanging out with your son! It's nice you can work that out. Do something fun together.
Have a great day.

Janel said...

You must have been very young Sondra when your niece was born! It's nice to visit with family! Have a nice "spring break" with Brady :) Janel

Robyn said...

Zoey said the roast was delicious! I want to get your recipe for it.

Ann Marie said...

I know when we make food for other people we always strive for perfection.. when in reality.. it's always good. I know when I don't have to cook, things always taste better..

Sounds like you both had a good visit. So glad.

Have fun with Spring break! Relax and enjoy the weekend!!

Zoey said...

The roast was REALLY great! Mine never turn out that way - and I went back for seconds! Too bad all of the pictures didn't turn out as well as you would have wanted them too! Can't wait to do it again!

Cherie said...

It sounds like you had a great visit with your niece and her family. That is always fun to have those kind of relaxing visits.

Do you LOVE the sunshine today?? It is so awesome. After yesterday I thought we would see nothing but rain/wind this week but this is glorious.

David Archuleta gave a fireside at the Meridian North Stake Sunday night - it was packed!! He talked and sang. Pretty cool. (I didn't go I just heard about it).

T. L. C. said...

What a great visit! I hope you and Brady are getting to relax and just hangout! I always remember how spring break was just go by too fast!

When ever some one is eating my food I cook I get so nervous and never can eat until after they've left!


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