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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Primary Class Handouts for the last 2 weeks.

First off, I have to say that we received a freak snow storm that dumped quite a bit of snow within a 1/2 or so - at least an inch. We've had snow two different mornings this week when the temperatures where low and it quickly melted when the sun came out.

It's weird to get this much snow in the afternoon at 3PM when the sun is out and it's daytime. It's beautiful, but it's March and I am ready for spring weather - LOL!

Now on to Primary handouts from the past two weeks.
Last week, Sister Stacie T. gave a lesson on "Faith". I absolutely LOVED the handout with the seed and the flower. The stem folds down under the seed and will "grow" just like our faith grows if we nourish it.

I forgot to make the Monthly page with the "Theme, Scripture and Song" for the month last week. I was even surprised that the children asked me where it was last week. I had totally forgotten it!
Here is this months handout with the song. This is months new song has been hard for me to get a handle on the melody with the words. I am going to have to practise it more. The children are not getting it either. I'm going to send a note in the mail for them to practise it with the CD's I gave to them earlier this year.
We may not have another party, because they just are not singing during sharing time. That was my rule for the next party -- Hmmmmm I am at a loss. I had them take out their papers and sing during singing time and am hoping with a post card in the mail this week they will remember to sing. (I'm such a mean teacher - LOL)
It was my lesson this week and I kind of got carried away with all of the handouts. There were lots of great one's. I don't have the links from and if you need them, leave me a comment and I'll add it.

The lesson was about Bible Prophets, Book of Mormon Prophets and Latter-day Prophets.

The lesson told me to ask a Melchizedek Priesthood holder to come to class and tell the children that he is pretending to be King Benjamin. (He may want to wear a bathrobe or something similar over his clothes to symbolize a king’s robes.) Have him to introduce himself as King Benjamin. Have him explain to the children that he was a righteous king who worked with his own hands to support himself so he wouldn’t be a burden to his people. Ask him to briefly explain that he had a tower built and that the people came from near and far to hear his message. Ask him to briefly teach the children one of the principles that King Benjamin taught (see Mosiah 2–5).

I asked Brother Newby to be King Benjamin and he did a great job!! I wish I would have taken a picture of him to post - darn.
I loved this handout with the tower. It has messages from the currently 12 Apostles - several years ago. It didn't have Pres. Uchtdorf, Elder Bednar, Elder Cook or Elder Christofferson - but was wonderful!
Here it is in two pieces. Of course, I had them cut out and put together for them.
Then I found this great wheel of the Latter-Day Prophets minus Pres. Thomas S. Monson our current prophet.
Yes, I had this one cut out too. I told you I was over the top on handouts this week.
I've also been meaning to give them handouts from the last party. I finally was able to get that done too. It will be great memories for them through their life with the pictures and journal pages. I actually just copied from my blog and pasted into a word document and added a few more comments and printed. It was easy!

Stacie and I have 14 children in our class - it's becoming huge. They all love to come (I still have 2 inactive and are working with them). We have one little boy who is having the missionary discussions and it was his 2nd week in our class. Yesterday I was able to run over a binder to his house. He really is loving Primary. I'm thrilled and excited for this opportunity. I also have 3 children who go back and forth to Mom and Dad - In fact their parents tell us that when they are here in this ward - it's their favorite.

I love my calling and all these children. It's getting harder and harder for reverence and I had to take away 2 badges today. It could be "Daylight" savings craziness - who knows. We can handle it though - with our badge system in place.

Our secretary asked if we can handle this many and I told her she couldn't split the class because the children currently in it would be VERY mad if they had to leave it. We will just have to do our best to keep it reverent while we have fun and make an impact on their lives as they turn 8 years old and get baptised this year.


Zoey said...

Oh yeah! Don't split the class - maybe that could be something to add if they are being disreverent. You could say "The primary presidency wants to split this class but said if you are reverent that they won't do it." Maybe that could be some added incentive!

Sondra said...

Zoey Michelle, Great idea! I'm ging to use that !!

Thanks! Aunt Sondra


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