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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Primary Activity Day

Saturday, I was able to help out at our ward's Primary Activity day. It was held from 10-11:15AM. I'm glad I remembered my camera to snap tons of pictures.
The theme for the activity was this years Primary theme: My Eternal Family.
They made a Family Home Evening kit to take home.
They worked on a poem / picture of their family.
A GREAT turn out - hooray!
We have such wonderful children and I love them very much!
I have to say that it was REALLY nice being on the "help support" side then the "plan, create and run" side of an activity day.
This is the first activity I've been to for years and years when I was not part of the presidency. It felt kind of weird.The new Presidency did a terrific job and I know the children had a ton of fun.
Pretty girls working on their Family Poem!
Here they are showing my their beautiful papers... Silly kids!
Sister Grant is telling them what they should do.... Now - on to the games. I really didn't stop to listen at what they were doing - but it looked like a bunch of fun!
It looks like a spider web to me...

Such fun!!

One down and only 3 more to go this year... I'm so glad it's not my responsibility anymore - at least for a while. It's a big job to be in charge of 100+ children... They are doing a great job and I love being able to support and help out with these beautiful children!

I'm happy to say that after the quarterly activity - I went and completed my Visiting Teaching for the month. I am so happy to have 100% so far this year and that it is done for this month early!!

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T. L. C. said...

Oh, what sweet children! It looked like fun! Your too great for doing all your work!


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