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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pre-Festival Concert 2009

Last night was Meridian High School Pre-Festival Concert 2009. I always look forward to the Choir Concerts Brady is in.

This concert was a little different because the music selected is for a Festival. The Festival is similar to Brady's piano Festival with judges. They have to play or sing "required" selections to meet the criteria.

As I walked in, I took Brady's picture. He doesn't particularly like me being a weird Mom and snapping pictures in front of his classmates - especially when they yell out "Hi Brady's Mom". Poor Brady to have a scrap booking / blogging Mom.
Here is a picture of the Concert Choir. I snapped it before they started, because the conductor, Mr. Jack Brown always stands in front of Brady and I never get to see him. He is behind the Piano, front row. The first boy has a red tie and Brady is two boys over to the right.

I took this little video of the last song they performed. Brady couldn't believe I recorded this song and not the first one. You basically only hear 4 words through the whole song: "Get it Together, Harambee!". Next time I am going to try and record all the songs and then pick the best one. Here is the video.

Here is the program:

Concert Choir (Brady's Choir) sang:

"Come To Me, O, My Love"

"Adoramus Te Christe"

"Get It Together, Harambee!"

Filias Concordiae Treble Choir (Girls Choir):

"Joyfully Sing"

"O Occhi Manza Mia"

"The Garden of Music"

A Cappella Choir (Boys and Girls):

"Der Tanz"


"Man Is A Watch"

"Gloria In Excelsis Deo"

I was VERY sad that they "Jazz Choir" did not perform last night. They are always my favorite group. I was able to snap this picture of my handsome young man after the concert. He is such a cute, wonderful and talented son!
As a side note, Meridian High School is presenting the Musical "Godspell" this weekend, Friday and Saturday at 7PM. Doors open at 6:30. If you want to attend, you may want to go get tickets sometime this week. Students $5 and Adults $6.

Brady is purchasing tickets for us today (Brady, Jason, Sharon and me). I'm excited to attend this.

When I was little, my sister Cindy was in this high school play. Cindy has an amazing voice - she is the one who received that talent in our family. I also watched it when I was in High School.
I even have the music on my Zune.
Can you guess what I will be listening to this week?? Of course, Godspell to get me in the mood for the musical this weekend.


Small House said...

You have a cute son.
I love going and watching my kids participating in school activities. Just so you know, I'm a wierd mom to!
I loved the picture of your son with the girl sitting there. She looked so excited and thrilled to be there.

Since I'm behind a bit, YEA, on your door being fixed. Glad you have such great Home Teachers!!
Have a good day.

Rhonda said...

Sounds like fun. Autumn had a solo she had to do. We didn't get to see it but I think her spring Choir concert is next week. You should have fun at the play. Sounds like a great time. So glad you got your front door fixed. Bummer it was broke. I wish you lived closer to us so Rich could do thses things for you.

Zoey said...

We will be coming to Boise next weekend!!! Glad to hear that all is going well. I agree about the jazz numbers - they were always my favorite in band as well.

T. L. C. said...

How FANTASTIC! GO Concert Choir!!!! I was in concert choir in jr, high so I'm all about showin the love! You do have a cute son!

You have every reason to be proud. From what I know of you already you are one great mama and raising them on your own says SO much!

Hope all goes well with the show!

Michelle said...

Tell Brady that you're not the only "weird" mom who scrapbooks & blogs :)

My kids have noticed I take a lot more "random" pictures since I started blogging:)

I love choirs and concerts and festival!!


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