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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Home Teacher's Service

Hip Hip Hooray!! I am soooooo happy to have such wonderful Home Teachers. I am such a blessed woman!!

I have been struggling lately with a broken front door. I have NOT been very secure because the door jam on my front door has been broken for about 3 months. It cracked ...... I don't know if someone was trying to break in - or what.... but the wood became split and not secure at all.
Anyone could have broken into my home at any time with little pressure against the door.
I've called in two different repair men to fix the door. My schedule is hard to accommodate, because when I don't work, I don't get paid. I hate having to have repairs where I miss work. The first repair man I called said they would come and fix it that day and since I only was working 1/2 day - it fit into my schedule. I waited and waited for him to come and repair it, but about 4:45 PM he finally arrived and didn't have time to fix it. He gave me an estimate of around $300 to repair.
I was so mad that they said they could repair it that day and then didn't. I could have called someone else because of my schedule - but now I ended up waiting and waiting and then he didn't have time to fix it that day. They should have told me that right up front and I would have called someone else.
I called another place and their bid was about the same. They said it would probably be cheaper to just purchase a new door and have the frame and door replaced. Maybe they saw a single woman and tried to get all they could out of me - because I was in a pickle with not being secure and probably could not fix it by myself.

I just never did commit to getting it fixed and was weighing if I wanted to spend $300 to just fix it or go get a whole new door and have it replaced.
While my Mom was here we tried to figure out how I could just repair it by myself. I was going to try and tackle that this week.

However, Sunday night after Brady returned home from his trip to Salt Lake City (visiting his Dad), our Home Teacher's came for their monthly visit.

Usually I only have one of them come each month - Br. Newby. Br. Gale has is own business designing and installing swimming pools and is usually in Arizona and isn't available each month to visit. But, he was in town Sunday and Br. Newby showed him my door and suggested that they come on Monday and fix it... I gave them a key to the house and left it in their hands (since I would be at work). I can't even tell you how happy I was that they just told me they would repair it (instead of asking this very independent woman).

As soon as I came home I ran to check out the door. Hip Hip Hooray!! My door is repaired! I am finally secure again... I am over joyed!! Plus it saved me $300!! I am Sooooo blessed!!!!!!
I need to caulk it and paint it which is no big deal. I sure can handle that.

Such peace of mind to have my door fixed without paying $300. It was very kind of them to provide this service for me. It is such a blessing to our family to have such giving Home Teachers!


Robyn said...

Home teachers are great! Our home teacher is a dentist and pulled Colt's broken tooth for free!! I hated losing the tooth but I loved saving the money!

Michelle said...

what great men you have for Home Teachers!! I'm glad for you!

T. L. C. said...

How Wonderful! And what a poop head--as my nephew would say--on lazy repair man!

Isnt it such a true blessing to have home teachers and visiting teachers?!?
Now your all safe and it's so sweet you saved $300 buckaroos!

Cherie said...

That must be a relief. I know I freak out a little about stuff like that.
I cannot believe the places you called wanted to charge you $300 - crazy!
So glad you got it fixed - I bet you slept better last night than you have in weeks!

Cherie :D


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