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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cleaning Bathroom Tub

I've heard a bunch of great feed back on how you are getting your bathrooms sparkling clean. I'm glad these tips have been helping you. If you have missed some of the cleaning tips I've shared, you can find them on my right hand side bar under the label of "cleaning".

One of the questions I've had is in regard to a fiberglass shower or the shower that has a "white tile" look to it (but not tile). I do not use a scrubbing brush on these showers. I only use my sponge with a non-scratch surface. I squeeze on the soft scrub on the non-scratch surface of my sponge and scrub away. If there are spots of hard water or soap scum, you can scrub really hard or grab your razor blade and gently scrap of the problem area. I do not use any type of Clorox spray or Tilex on these types of showers. I only use soft scrub on a sponge.

After the shower is clean and dried, I apply furniture polish EVERY time I clean the shower. This is to protect the shower as discussed in the last cleaning my shower post. Your shower will get cleaner and cleaner as you keep up your regular cleaning schedule each 2 weeks.

Today I thought I would share cleaning tips for a jacuzzi tub. My customers LOVE to take baths and it's important for me to provide this nice relaxing time for them with a clean tub. (One day I'm gonna get one of those!).
Fist I spray Clorox Clean-up into each jacuzzi spout.
Then I squirt soft scrub along the sides of the tub.
Then I climb in the tub to start the cleaning process.
Of course, I have my bucket full of water and my soft scrub near by to add more cleaning agent if needed.
With my wet non-scratch sponge, I start scrubbing down the tub.
With a sponge full of bubbles, I scrub inside each jet which has already been sprayed down with Clorox Clean-up. I scrub them good so that dirt, mold or mildew cannot build up in them. It's really nice that a sponge is flexible and can get into these tight spots.
Sometimes, the drain area will have a build up of hard water and dirt that you have to take a razor blade and scrap it until it is clean. This also happens in sinks too.
Easy fix to have your tub and sink always looking brand new.
Then you rinse your tub REALLY good. I also take my sponge and clean the outer part of the tub and the tile that surrounds the tub. Then I take a hand towel and dry everything down.

Smaller tubs and tub/shower kits - I use Comet to clean these tubs down.
Scrub and rinse. For my home - I never bath a child in a tub that has NOT been cleaned. Regardless to say - if you have small children that take a bath every day - you'll be cleaning your tub daily.

I also have a tub/shower kit and we stand in the tub to take a shower. Because Brady takes showers at his Dad's house and brings back athletes foot every time - I clean my tub almost daily too until we are decease free again in a couple of days after each trip. Then I go weekly on cleaning the tub in our shower.
More pictures of a clean....clean tub. This shower is Corian shower walls and I just clean with soft scrub on the sponge. Then rinse, dry and finish with a furniture polish protection that also leave a brilliant shine.
Cleaning the outside of the shower doors too!
I decided to show what a typical day is for me. I usually clean 3 and 1/2 bathrooms per house. My schedule is basically 2 houses per day. This is the house I clean every Thursday with 3 full bathrooms.
The daughter's bathroom with the tub / shower I showed above.
Master bathroom and shower. Don't you love the 5 shower heads (you can't see the shower head on the top or the one with the nozzle handle. It's an awesome shower. No build up on the shower doors - thanks to furniture polish protection (and of course my outstanding cleaning job).
Toilet, jacuzzi tub and shower area in master bathroom.
Here are the two sparkling sinks.
The son's bathroom. Also sparkling clean!
I clean lots and lots of bathrooms daily. I didn't take a picture of their 1/2 bathroom. It's a big job to clean all of these bathrooms in one day - every day. But, I find with regular cleaning it isn't such a huge job. You can do it too in your own home.... except the nice thing is you will only have to do it once a week or once every two weeks. You can do it and have a sparkling clean bathroom that is germ free to!

It is the value of being frugal and keeping the items in your home looking new forever, instead of having to replace it. Happy Cleaning!


Zoey said...

Man! I wouldn't really want to do that! We will be working on our bathroom - gutting it - sometime this year. It will be nice to have a bathroom that I can actually try and clean!

Janel said...

Thnaks Sondra for answering my question about cleaning a fiberglass/bathfitter bath and shower! I enjoy your cleaning posts so much! It is so nice not only explaining step by step, but showing pictures along the're great!

When I go on vacation (not often), I bring along a pair of cheap flip flops to wear when I take a shower. I keep this pair just for that purpose. I can't handle steping into a shower that is not my own...I'm very anal about this. Maybe Brady can do this when he visits his he won't have to suffer with Athletes Foot and you won't worry about what he is bringing home. Janel

Sondra said...

Janel, Thanks for the for that great idea!!!! I have been thinking about swimming shoes - but never even thought of flip flops. That is a terrific idea - I'm gonna do that !! Thanks again!

Michelle said...

someday my house will sparkle!

But I really wanted to comment about "Fireproof" Thanks for recommending the movie--we put it #1 on our Netflix list and watched it last night. I cried of course. Loved, loved, loved it! Thanks again :)

Small House said...

I just love all your cleaning tips. I bet your own house is sparkly clean. So here's the deal. You are always welcome to my home....
But please don't ask to use my bathroom :)

Have a great day.

Robyn said...

You are starting to make me think I just need a cleaning lady at my house! You do so much better than me and I thought I kept a 'sparkling clean house.' I've got to get some razors and scrub brushes!! :)

Cherie said...

Sandra (small house) is hilarious. I am feeling inadequet about my bathroom too. I am a little anal about my bathroom - I generally think of myself as a clean freak but you take the cleaning to another level, which is why you are so awesome at your job!

T. L. C. said...

I took your whole advice and I'm happy to report my shower is Spankin clean!!! Loved the soft scrub! lookin at those killer bathrooms was so awesome. I wish mine looked like that *sigh* one day...


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