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Friday, March 20, 2009

Brady's Spanish Assignment

Last night Brady was working really hard on a Spanish assignment. He's sitting in the TV room watching TV while working on his assignment - hmmmmm?? He is really concentrating on all of the details. Pink and blue squares, I wonder what it is? So much detail.
Mom, how do you spell that?? I helped as much as I could providing information from our mixed up family tree. His poor little family tree is weird!

Mom and Dad divorced.

No full blood brothers or sisters.

Two half brothers.

Two step brothers and one step sister.

His Dad has been re-married and divorced again...

Crazy, crazy....poor kid.

Not the most wished for family tree, but that is what he got .... sorry Brady!!!
His Spanish assignment is complete - Yeah! He is VERY creative. He made a "tree" cover that opens up to his family tree.
I loved the leaves he made around his tree. He did an awesome job. Blues are for the men in our family and pink is for the women.

It's a mixed up family, it's ours and one full of love!


Zoey said...

I never really thought of it that way, but yeah, it is a mixed up family tree. I found a saying in a book about six months ago that said "My family tree is full of nuts!" It kind of reminds me of our family.

Small House said...

He's got you, and that right there is pretty darn good!

Such a cute kid!

Have a great day.


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