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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boys Scout Court Of Honor

Last night we attended a Court of Honor where Boys Scouts receive the badges they earned. It was a very nice evening to celebrate their achievements.
Brady received his World Conservation Award, Certificate and a Badge for it.

He also received the following Merit Badges:
Rifle Shooting

I'm proud of him! He now has completed 21 merit badges and 7 more that are almost complete. Next will be his Eagle project that has to be done this summer (or no driving a car).

We really have been blessed with GREAT Scout leaders. They really work hard to have the boys succeed! Our Scouting Program is the BEST!


Ann Marie said...

Way to go Brady!
That stuff is all alot of work...

Zoey said...

Awesome pictures - that is a lot of learning that he has done! You have a great young man there!!! Tell me that he is a great example!

Cherie said...

It is SO NICE when you have GREAT scoutleaders that help the boys really get in there and get their badges done!
Getting that Eagle earlier than 16 is the way to do it!

Good Job Brady on all your hard work!!!!!

MOM said...

Hey Brady Great Job I'm so proud of you. Your a great grandson Love you so much
Sondra you spolied me with the wheat bread.
send me some with Zoey M


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