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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Primary 3 Lesson 3

Our Primary lesson today started with a treasure hunt. It was a bunch of fun, but probably lasted too long. The children were very reverent as they looked for the treasure by finding and following the clues throughout the building. The treasure was found in the library.
The treasure box was full of CTR rings. In our ward the children only get CTR rings when they are in CTR 5 (age 4) and are expected to keep that ring and be responsible for it throughout Primary. Our ward does not purchase another ring for them, it is the responsibility of the parent when they are lost for the parent to replace it. (I fought this every year while I was Primary Pres., but I finally just followed the rules). Anyway, I went ahead and gave each of my children a new CTR ring to help them choose the right while preparing to be baptised.
This is the journal page:

I also found this really cute obedience wheel from The Friend March 1997 here. It teaches them a commandment and the scripture reference for that commandment.

This is the answers you cut out and paste above.


Rhonda said...

Your such a good teacher, how could they not love you! I am sure they really look forward to coming to Church each week. What a blessing you are in their lives and I know you will be thrilled when they start getting Baptized and I know you will be there for each one.

Scrappy Girl said...

Looks and sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. Those invites are cute!

Barb said...


Nicole said...

Thanks for all these great ideas...the blessing wheel link didn't work for me, but I found it here:

Sondra Murray said...

Thanks Nicole! I've updated the link. Sondra


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