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Monday, February 9, 2009

Primary Class Party - Love is Contagious

Saturday we held our Primary Class Party. The theme for the party was "Love Is Contagious". I started this tradition years ago when I was a Young Women's leader. The theme reminds us all that showing our live is a very contagious act. One smile, one pat and before you know it you have a love epidemic on your hands. It's true that love or kindness is contagious. If you smile at someone, they will usually smile in return. If you go out of your way to be helpful or do a service for someone they will return this kindness to you or to someone else. It's funny but although love is contagious, someone has to start the epidemic!
(Love is Contagious From a Bright Impressions book by Sabina H. Bigelow and Sabina Susan Bytheway.)

When everyone arrived, we handed them a sheet of heart stickers to stick all over their faces "Love Pox". You can barely see them on their faces - I should have gotten a close up. Here is the Poem to go along with the "Love Pox".
Valentine's Day is a special day
Everyone's thoughts turn to love
Not just boy or girl -- but Mom, Dad, sister or brother
Or any or all of the above.

So put on your "love pox"
And spread "love" wherever you go
Someone will surely catch it from you.
It's contagious don't you know!
We ate pizza. When the pizza delivery came the lady thought we were quite funny with "love pox" all over our faces and tons of kids everywhere. It sure was a sight! I think she caught our "Love" from all the smiling faces! Then we decorated heart shaped sugar cookies, this is A.J. above. It's Jonathan and Eric decorating lots of cookies!
Lindsey and Isabelle showing their cookies!
This is Jensyn with her fun cookies and ballon. Everyone was able to take a balloon home with them, their 2 crafts, and a plate of cookies.
Collin and Kai with their cookie - which I didn't get a picture of the one they are looking at... I have got to work on better pictures. Sister Stacie T. my team teacher with the girls, Lindsey, Isabelle and Jensyn. The boys, Collin, Kai, Jonathan and Eric. At the beginning of the party we had tic tac toe games going on. The markers were conversation hearts. The tic tac toe was heart shaped and can be found on Sugardoodle. More pictures of the girls. A plate full of decorated cookies. We also did 2 crafts. They are holding up their book markers. We had 5 boys (A.J. is not in this picture) and 3 girls. Here is the close up of the book marker and we also made a door knob hanger. The party was very fun and the boys and girls really enjoyed themselves. The party was 1/2 hour too long. The time was 11 am to 1 pm but we were finished by 12:30 and then the boys went crazy wrestling and getting into mischief. I handled it OK - but only wished that I had other things for them to do. I think the next party will be cut down to 1 1/2 hours.Sunday after church, Isabelle brought me over a thank you card for the party - along with coupons for Krispy Kreme donuts for Brady and me. That was really nice.
Brady even joined in the fun decorating cookies.


Cherie said...

Wow! That is it - I officially want to be in your Primary Class, see ya next Sunday!!!!! haha

LOVE LOVE LOVE your party with the kids. Oh my gosh you went all out. Totally love the "love pox". I am putting that one away in my files.

Thanks for sharing - the party was way too cute:)

Ann Marie said...

Love how much work and creativity to put into everything!
I want a sugar cookie! Do you think it would last another 3 weeks? I'm coming up there the first week in March.. Do you want to meet for lunch? Let me know..


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