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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Piano Festival

Saturday Brady had his Piano Festival. He has been practising for months to prepare for the festival. He memorized two songs called: "Morning Star" and "Etude" to perform in front of the judges.

On the way out the door to the festival, wouldn't you know it - Brady shut his finger in the door. Yes - that is right ..... on the way to the festival. It was bleeding in the car, throbbing and hurting. Poor Brady.
We arrived at the festival in time, it was at the Ester C. Simplot Building in downtown Boise, Idaho.
Here is Brady waiting for his turn in front of the judges. It was only for Brady and the Judges, no parents could go in (frowny face). He was the VERY last one. They were putting away all the chairs while I waited - so of course I pitched in putting away chairs.
Brady felt that he didn't do as well as he could have (soar finger) .... which is kind of sad due to all the preparation. We don't have the scores yet ... they will give them to our piano teacher next week. I hope he passes level 4.
Here is Brady is standing outside the doors at the Ester C. Simplot performing arts building.
I also made him stand by the statues of children performing different arts - too bad you can't see them to well.

I don't have a video camera - but my regular camera has a video feature. The music sound has static - but it is the best I could do. Here he is playing his pieces if you'd like to hear him.

Here is Brady playing "Morning Star":

Here is Brady playing "Etude"
Weird that the music doesn't match his video... Hmmm quite strange. I don't know what I did wrong...


Tierra Lynne said...

What two beautiful pieces!!! I cant tell you how much I love to hear piano pieces played and your son plays really well...Were you fliming with him having a hurt finger?

So sad to hear what happened going out the door. I probably would have done that an worse.

I think when boys play the piano it's more entertaining and measured more. Well, at least in my eyes. I mean who dosent like it when a guy says "I can play the piano if you want?" Yepo...thats a girl getter right there.

Again, Beautiful and good luck to your son!

Zoey said...

WOW! I can't believe that he shut his finger in the door as you were leaving. Talk about luck, right?!?! I have to say that the music sounded very nice. I always got SO nervous memorizing and performing in front of judges. I'm sure that he did the best that he could do and hopefully he passes. Good job Brady!

Michelle said...

ouch to the smashed finger--I played in our ward (as a youth) with a broken finger--didn't do too well :)

The pieces were wonderful, though! Next time, Brady will have to have red-carpet treatment (open doors, help him in/out of cars, etc) so there is no possibility of injury!! :)

Ann Marie said...

Swooning.. Whenever a guy plays the piano now.. it's popular because of Edward.. :)
Remind him of that..
My knees went weak when I saw his finger.. Ouch! Poor guy..

Cherie said...

Ouch! Great job on the music Brady and glad you got through it with bum fingers - as if it is not nerve wracking enough - You are a rock star!!


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