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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's My Day!

It's my birthday today! I am 47 years young - oh, I mean 29 years old today - LOL! It's just crazy to think I am that old and in three short years I will be 50 - middle age.. Yes, I will live to be 100.

As I reflect upon the goodness of my life, I realize how I have been blessed. I have been blessed to be born into a family who came from a linage of accepting the true gospel of Jesus Christ on this earth. I have wonderful brothers and sisters and even though we don't get together often, we love and support one another.

My life hasn't always been an easy road. I've had my ups and downs just like everyone. I think we go through the tough times to really enjoy the great times and learn to be thankful for the blessings we have been given.
I am very thankful I am a Mother. I am thankful to have two wonderful sons who are tender hearted, loving and a joy each day to me and my life. What a blessing it has been to have the opportunity to experience the joys of motherhood. The laughter, tears, triumphs and trials we have gone through. As I get older and reflect on our good life it feels me with pure happiness. I know that I have been under the wing of my Savior throughout my life. I have really been VERY blessed in my life. I have achieved so much and experienced so many things that have made me grow into the person I am today.

I love this time in my life. I think as you look back over your life and the goodness of it, I can see the blessings that have come my way. I don't know if I always appreciated the challenges - but looking back now, I can see the growth in going through them.

In my life right now there is peace, calmness and most of all happiness. I don't know if I have ever been as happy in life as I am right now. My life is great! I HAVE been very blessed.

I am thankful most of all for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that is the source of my happiness. Being part of the restored gospel, the gospel that our Savior Jesus Christ set up when he was on the earth is now restored and on the earth again. The guidance of a living Prophet, President Thomas S Monson to lead and guide us on the earth today. With the knowledge that Heavenly Father did not leave us alone on this earth, that there is still revelation and guidance for us in this day. I am thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost that keeps me on the right path each day. I am thankful for the Priesthood Power on the earth today that binds families in the Holy Temple of the Lord and that we can be together forever.

I am also very thankful that I can repent for the things I have done wrong in my life and that through the atonement of Jesus Christ I can be forgiven.

I am thankful for wonderful friends and blogging friends, who lift me each day through their example, humor and talents. What an awesome experience to be around such great individuals that make me want to be better, try harder and to laugh daily. Thank you for your friendship and example to me, it helps me enjoy this mortal journey!

Jason, Sharon and Brady have planned something for my birthday tonight. I'm excited to have children old enough now to make a big deal out of "the Mom's" birthday. It's gonna be a great birthday - I can't wait!


Zoey said...

Happy, happy birthday to a wonderful woman, mother, and aunt!!! I hope that you have a fabulous day!

Ann Marie said...

Happy - Happy Birthday!!!!!

First... I hope your not working.
And If you are today.. I'm sorry.

In honor of your Birthday, I am going to write 10 things that I admire/love about you.

1)- From the first time you commented to me, I felt a connection to you.. I really feel like you are a kindred spirit to me. We seriously are sisters!

2)- Everyone of your posts are sincere and honest. You don't pretend to be anything but who you are.. I love that it shows through with every post.

3)- Your devotion to your family.
As a Mother, I know how difficult raising children can be..and I admire that you can work, do such a good job with your calling,raise your boys, keep an orderly house, and then tackle any other project that comes your way.. You are an amazing single mother!

4)- You are a Beautiful Lady.
Not just on the inside, but on the outside as well.

5)- I love the unconditional love you have for your boys... It seriously makes me happy to see parents love their children despite the choices they make in life. I know it sounds like a "no brainer" but you would be surprised at how many people I know have been "distanced" from their parents because of choices they made. I KNOW you love both of your sons. I KNOW it, and I have never met you!

6)- I am grateful for your testimony and inspirational messages. There have been many times that I have been *lifted* or affected by something that you shared, and I am very grateful you freely bear your testimony.

7)- If I was to choose a Hymn to describe you, it would be " Home can be a Heaven on Earth. " page #298. Tonight, when you get a few minutes.. sit and read the words.. They describe exactly you--what you make your home to be...

8)- I love your sense of humor.
you seem like you are fun to be around.

9)- I love that you always try to be positive! I know that you have had hardships in your life--but instead of using that as a way to be a bitter person, you move on and look for the good in everything... I really admire that.

10)- I really, really love your comments. When I don't hear from you-- I seriously feel sad. Through commenting, I feel like I have "chatted" with my friends for the day.. We've connected. When days go by and I havent heard from you.. I worry and feel sad.
As new friends come along, and comment numbers go up.. I still love to hear from each one of you. And I LOVE-LOVE your long/novel comments!
Thanks for bearing your testimony on my blog today. I really appreciated it!

I hope I get to meet you in a few weeks! It would be so fun!!

Look for a little something in the mail this week!

Hope your day is wonderful! You sure do have good boys.

Love you~ Ann Marie

Sondra said...

Thanks Zoey Michelle for your happy birthday wish.

Wow Ann Marie... It' almost makes a tear come to my eye... but - no time for that today - only happy thoughts - LOL!

Thanks for all of those wonderful things you said. I'm am so blessed that you are my friend.

Yup, I have to work today - but it's OK... Don't work - don't get paid. It's a short day though.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!! I love you both!

Tigersue said...

Happy Birthday

Rhonda said...

It's your Birthday. Happy Happy joy joy it's your Birthday. Have a great day & can't wait to hear what your kids do for you.

Cherie said...

Sondra - Happy Happy Birthday!

I don't think I could do better on my comments than Ann Marie did - she said it all.

You are the sweetest woman out there, the best mom and such a great example to all of us who read your blog.

I hope you have a GREAT time tonight with your kids - they are so lucky to have you and I am sure they will let you know!

Again - Happy Birthday!!!

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Sondra! 47- AAHH! Well, you will always be our 'cool' aunt no matter how old you get. Hope your day is great!

Tierra Lynne said...

I feel so bad my comment is coming late! Let me just say this, Ann couldnt have said it better that you are real. You come from your soul with every post and you dont try to puton "blogging airs".

Even from the start of this new blogging friendship, you have reminded me so much of my mom. She passed away about two years ago, and you would have been great friends in RS. Your testimony in the gospels reminds me of the ten virgins, you my dear have your vessel full and lighted to see your way through the darkness.

Thank you for your every day postive outlook and your shinning testimony. Reading your post is like reading/remembering my mothers voice of her own testimony.

Happy Birthday to You my Dear. I hope you had a WONDERFUL night with your family.
Luvs ~ Tierra


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