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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I WON and Am Featured on Totally Ready

I posted earlier this week that I was the WINNER of a beautiful hygiene kit. Here is the post.

Today my thank you letter is featured on their website. The link for Totally Ready is here, if you'd like to read it. It's kinda cool to be featured on someone's website.

This is a website I love to visit each day. I love how it gives great tips, information and helps me be more prepared. I'm really happy to have won!

From Totally Ready:

Speaking of give aways….only a few more hour until we announce a January winner!!!
WE HAVE A WINNER…..SONDRA WON !!!! Sondra at is the winner of our January Give Away !!!! Congratulations Sondra!

Yesterday my mom received a great email from our January give away winner, Sondra. This is what she had to say:

I am a single mother of 2 boys. I live in the great state of Idaho and have never been through any type of disaster throughout my life. My parents taught us to be self reliant. We always had food storage, a garden and canned our food. It was a way of life for us. As a single mom, being taught to be self reliant has helped me provide for my children on my own. I tried to have food storage. However, through trial and error I am learning to store the correct food so it doesn’t go to waste. This year I have grown leaps and bounds by all the great information I’ve read. Everyday I am getting more prepared with the help of your site.

Several months ago the State of Idaho ran an advertisement campaign about a pandemic. I loved that your site offered help on preparation in the event of a pandemic. As far as a disaster, I believe we have become complacent because we don’t experience them (in my lifetime). In the event of an emergency in Idaho, there will not be warning to rush to the store as there is with a weather pattern. We will have an earthquake or volcano eruption (Yellowstone or Washington) and will have to rely on what we have prepared.

This kit will help out my little family! I am thrilled beyond words at being lucky enough to be even more prepared. There is peace of mind when you can be prepared enough to take care of yourself and your children. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this valuable prize - a hygiene kit. I am excited to receive it and add it to my emergency supplies.

Congratulations again Sondra!


Scrappy Girl said...

Congrats on winning a kit! How exciting!

Autumn said...

Wow that is so cool that you won!

Ann Marie said...

Free and Awesome!!!!

Cherie said...

That is really cool! Not only a kit but now you're a star!!

Rhonda said...

Look at you. How fun and what cool stuff to win. Lucky! I keep forgetting to Thank You for the gift in the mail you sent. I loved it! We are also loving the magazines each month. My girls love to get mail and it is great to have a gift that lasts all year long. So much to late THANK YOU

Zoey said...

I couldn't find the letter, but congrats on that! I know that that kit will go to great use!

Sondra said...

Zoey Michelle, It appears the link is broken right now. Carolyn the writer of the blog had an accident a couple of days ago where she cut the tip of her finger off. Her daughter is filling in and I think she is having problems with the site - poor girl.

Thanks everyone!! I am pretty excited!


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