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Monday, February 2, 2009

I Won! Adult Hygiene Kit from

I am excited - WOO HOO!
I won a give away from Totally Ready at
I won the January give away of a Hygiene kit! This is perfect to go with my 72 hour kit I put together last week. I feel like doing the happy dance - Oh yeah!
Hygiene kit with:
Lighted mirror,
(4) Sun block wipes,
(2) burn cream,
(1) Soap,
(1) Towel,
(12) Wipes,
3) Shampoo/conditioner,
(1) Toothbrush with cap,
(1) Tooth paste,
(1) Comb,
(1) Razor,
(3) Shave cream,
(1) Deodorant
(1) Lotion,
(3) Tampons (Female Hygiene Kit Only),
(3) Feminine maxi pads (Female Hygiene Kit Only),
(1) Sewing kit, (1) pr. Medical grade gloves
AND(1) 33-piece First Aid Kit
(1) Work gloves
(1) N95 face mask
(1) Biohazard bag
(3) MRE Meals
(12) 4-oz pouches water
(6) 400-calorie Energy bars
(3) Sporks
(1) Water bottle carrier/lanyard
(1) Sports Bottle
(2) Body warmers (20 hours each)
(2) Cold packs
(1) AM/FM radio/flashlight/siren
(1) Whistle/lanyard
(3) 6-inch Light Sticks
(1) Rain poncho
(1) Mylar Blanket
(1) Multi-function 14 in 1 tool
Checklist: Things to add Emergency ID card
Deluxe Backpack: 19×14x9 inches

Seriously -- How cool is this give away?? I won it!!!!!!! She is having a February give away that you can post a comment today. This month she is giving away glowsticks.

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