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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brady working the Concession Stand

Two weeks ago January 31st, we received a telephone call from Brady's cross country coach. Coach Rusty asked Brady if he could come and help his team work the concession stand at the MHS basket ball game that evening. I was excited that Brady agreed to help out and would be going to his first high school sporting event (besides cross country). I told him he would have a great time.
It is kind of weird that I have struggled to get my boys interested in going to these fun sporting events. I always went because I was part of flag team, drill team and pep club. Being involved in school activities makes high school fun and exciting. But trying to get this drilled into my boy's mind has been an impossible feat. I want them to experience all the fun and now was the time Brady would experience it helping out with the concession stand. What a great opportunity.
While Brady didn't watch the basket ball game too much, he could feel the atmosphere and the excitement going on in the gym.

He was busy making drinks and filling food orders for the spectators. Coach Rusty was VERY excited that Brady came and helped out. I guess it was tough finding enough people to help out. At this age the kids have part time jobs and other activities. Since Brady is one of the youngest in the high school, still being 14 with a birthday in August, he is behind all the older kids with jobs, driving a car, dating and on and on. He is available - Yeah!! He had a great time.
I asked him if he was able to catch the half time show... He looked at me like I had brain damage - LOL.... "Mom, it was sooooo busy during half time, I couldn't leave to watch"..
Oh yeah.... that's right..... half time is run to the bathroom.... get a snack and get back tot he game... Duh....
Anyway!! Brady was able to attend his first High School game... hopefully he will be motivated to join in all the fun High School has to offer.... BOYS!!! (roll my eyes).


Scrappy Girl said...

Here they normally require the parents of the players to take a turn working the concession stand. I enjoy it! I love the excitement and energy of a game!

Tierra Lynne said...

Hi! I'm a new lurker here and a good friend to Ann’s and I've seen your sweet comments to Ann. So, I'm coming out of the closet and letting you know that I think you have such a sweet awesome family blog. I love how you love twilight. Totally rocks my world too. And that you are such a sweet example for the church.

When I read this, I know exactly how you feel. I love going to basketball games and hometown pride in football. Theres always this magic of coming together as a community and watching/rooting for your hometown team.

Plus, I LOVE basketball! Love it! So, I hope your son Brady will get to be able to go to allot more events. Does he play?

Anywho, CUTE blog! You sound like such fun Gal! Can’t wait for New Moon!!!!

~Tierra from TN

Cherie said...

Brady is such a cutie. Taylor cannot wait till he gets to HS he is SO over middle school. ha ha

I hope he participates when he gets there. Maybe if Brady is already into stuff Taylor can just join him!

Lead the way Brady - Go dude!!

Robyn said...

Sondra, you should just teach him to like GIRL sports. You can always find a great seat and they are way funner to watch. (at least back when I played) :)


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