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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Primary 3 Lesson 4

Primary 3
Lesson 4
Joseph Smith's Childhood

This is an overview of the lesson. Also a place for the children to write a journal.


Ann Marie said...

Yay! Thanks for the award!
You are a gem.. And I love your blog! But-- love the friendship that came from the blog more...

I'm sorry about Brady.. Keep trying and don't give up!

Robyn said...

I guess I had better leave a comment because I am one of the top! :) How is Brady's finger now? One of our next BIG purchases after we move is going to be a piano- I can't wait until my kids can play and fill our home with music too.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comment award!! first award I have received :)

You sound like an awesome primary teacher!! Too many teachers wait until right before class to prepare lessons--yours are fabulous!!

I think excellent is wonderful!! (nice job, Brady)

Cherie said...

Thanks for the award - You know me I LOVE to comment. It's funny but I cannot see the top commentors widget on Scrappy girls blog it doesn't show up for me so I didn't even know I was on the list till she told me - funny!

I think Brady did great! It is a hard thing to sit and play in front of those judges and have every little note critiqued! Good job Brady!
Taylor has his turn this Saturday.

Rhonda said...

guess I should change my name to chopped liver huh ;-)

Small House said...

WOW, lucky primary class. I love the Friend to. I was sad when we realized that we didn't need to order for our home any more.

Your handouts are adorable. And congrats on the award. I really enjoy stopping by your blog.

Sondra said...

Rhonda and Autumn --- Totally having a blonde moment or a brain fart. I can't believe I left you two out. I am giving you the award too... Gosh... I'm so embarrassed that I forgot you two.. My blog is updated and you can take the award.

I think with Mom here and all the visiting and trying to fit in blogging - my brain is on over load.

Rhonda said...

Ha i was just kidding didn't mean to make you feel bad. Love ya

Tierra Lynne said...

Oh Sondra, this was too sweet. Thank you for the award, and I'm so sorry i'm just now getting here to post! With my Aunts ER scare & hospital stay, I'm just now getting to comments. But, I really Love the award. Thank You, sincerely!!!

Your primary hand out looks like so much fun, and i want one. No lie! At church in YW's, I used to be the Queen B for making hand-outs!!!

So sorry for your son BUT with a hurt finger he still did really well for the videos and i'm sure he tryed his best. Always next year, and tell him to keep going.
Guys playing piano are too awesome.

Thanks again, and all luvs.
:: Tierra ::


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