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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Young Men's trip to the Dentist

Last night Brady's Young Men's group went to Brother / Doctor Grant's dental office. They were taught more about dentistry. They were able to makes forms of their teeth and fill them. However, they ran out of time and will have to go back again.

I thought they were going to make fangs. However, trying to get information from a teenager who doesn't want to talk about it or be bugged by his mom I don't have all the facts. I think they made fangs in the form before they poured the plaster in them. I'm not quite sure and will have to let you know when we get the model of his teeth. When Brady told me they were going to make fangs at the dentist visit, I was so excited to have vampire teeth (I love vampires).

Br./Dr. Grant also gave each of the boys a new tooth brush and tooth paste. They had a great time!

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