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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Woo Hoo - Zune seems to be working!!

I just plugged my Zune into the computer and it actually connected - which is a great sign!! Hopefully it will completely charge and work fine.  

It is crazy how addicted you get to this type of technology and how lost I am when it breaks. I love music and listen to it all the time. I would seriously hate having to lug out a CD player again. 

Most of my extended family members purchased a Zune. They all purchased them on great deals off of the Internet for around $89 for 30 GB - I purchased it when the technology was new for $350.... Although I wish I would have gotten the better deal, I have LOVED having every single CD I own on my Zune. When I purchased it - 30GB was the largest storage unit available. The iPod was no where close to that capability. Now look how far iPod has come, even the iPhone. Technology is cool! 

Hopefully Microsoft has fixed the error that caused the melt down. 


Zoey said...

Hey! I'm glad that Zune seems to be working again. I received an iPod from Brandon for Christmas - but haven't used it yet since I am still digging my house out of the hole.

Did you receive the book of your blogs yet? I would love to see it and hear your comments!

Sondra said...

Zoey Michelle, I blogged about the blog book on Dec 2 - check it out there. Yes, I love it! I am ordering a book every month. I have my first book and the book from November.

My friend Cherie told me about another website - I looked at it and you have to down load a software package. I haven't done that yet - but may look into it is still.

The blog book is a VERY way to keep up to date with my journaling and scrap booking in an easy way.


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