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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where art thou - Sun??

I miss the sun..... I mean I REALLY miss the sun... Where is it?? Well, it certainly is NOT in Boise, Idaho. I believe we are heading to the 3rd week without sun .. but is seems like soooooo much longer with all the snow and snowy days we had in December. Now it's just YUCK, YUCKY weather - dark and gray.
Currently we are experiencing an inversion, a layer of cloudy smog... no sun days. Day after day, just yucky depressing weather. The more days I experience without sun.... the deeper my funk or depression or whatever you want to call it is here. OK I said it..... a depression ... the winter blues ..... I believe I always experience it in January and am sooooo ready for spring to appear.Where, oh where has that beautiful sun gone??? They teased us last week, forecasting a sunny 40 degree weather this week.... Well, it was a NO SHOW.... Hello!!! Sun... I totally need to see you sooooooon.
I need light..... I need sun..... I need hope ...... I need light therapy..... I am desperate.... I may check into a sun tanning bed for some desperately needed light therapy... Seriously....
This morning we woke at 5 AM to get to the airport by 6 AM for Brady's flight. We were greeted by a sprinkling of rain. It's going to be a rainy, dreary, no sun day... Oh joy ---- NOT!!! I think it's a perfect day to seek out a tanning salon, I just happen to know of one a block away - a quick walk ...... Next time you see me - I may have a golden tan - LOL.... Fake but -- I need SUN!! Let's all pray for Sunshine in Idaho!!!


Ann Marie said...

It's the same here in Utah! :(
Now I know why so many people take vacations in these 3 months...

MANY people and friends are so down, they have quit blogging even. This makes me sad.. I hope people get out of the funk soon! I need positive too!

I have decided that if I ever go to forks it will FOR Sure be in July or August, when it's less rainy and I can come home to the sun! I love all the seasons, but am yearning for sunshine AND flowers!!!

Ann Marie said...

BTW: Cute new background!

Autumn said...

I miss the sun too I want winter to be over. I need summer and I want to ride my bike outside again. I was looking forward to the warm weather and all the snow melting but no it didn't happen instead 4 more inches sigh*.(love your backround)

Cherie said...

Yayyy! It was great to finally see the sun today!!
The last couple weeks have been YUCK!


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