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Saturday, January 10, 2009

SparkPeople Update and Wicked

I'm still at it and doing great on my weight loss. Friday 1/9 my Cal was 1, 173 but my sodium was higher then the goal of 2300 ... it was actually 2528... It's still "all good", my calories are great still. Yesterday I needed something a little spicy so I had canned taco soup that had a ton of salt/sodium in it - which put me over by 228. When I have a craving, I find the best way to fill it and today it was with soup. It was still very low in calories, just higher in salt/sodium then I usually pick to eat. I always input on SparkPeople what I am going to eat and check out the nutrition information before I actually eat it. That way I always stay on goal. It was a great day!

Now on to Wicked the Musical. As you know, I LOVE the soundtrack from Wicked and have really wanted to see the musical really bad. I found out that it was coming to SLC and during Christmas I check to see if they had the ticket information on-line yet. I was very disappointed to find the ticket information there but it was already SOLD OUT... Tickets went on sale December 12 and probably sold out on that day. I am really sad. I check Portland and the cheapest tickets are $120 each. I just can't do it...darn. I think I just need to either wait for it to come to SLC again or go to Los Angeles. Jason's dad lives there and we could stay with them. Flights to LA are pretty cheap too. Over all, I think it would be cheaper to go to LA and see it sometime.

I pulled a couple of YouTube songs from Wicked. I hope you enjoy them. This is "Popular".

This one is called "Defying Gravity". I hope you enjoy the scenes from the musical as much as I do. One day....... I will see it on stage!


Autumn said...

I am starting to love wicked too! I loved all of the videos they were way awesome!!!!!

Vickie said...

I am addicted to Wicked. I've seen it 7 times and will see it for the 8th time in March. If you want to see it in LA, go quickly as it closes later this month and the show will move to San Francisco. Where is SLC? Just curious. I've been on a sparkpeople diet too. It is great! Best wishes.

Scrappy Girl said...

Thank you for taking me back to my trip to NYC...we saw Wicked on Broadway and it is SO good...the girls voices are piercing and amazing as they sing the 2 songs you mentioned...definitely go if you get the chance! Have you read the book? I haven't, but Lil Sis did.

Sondra said...

Wow Vickie - 7 times... I am so very jelous. SLC is Salt Lake City, Utah. Too bad about LA closing - that is a bummer. What is your user name on SP? Mine is think2bfit.

Scrappy Girl, Brady gave me the book last year 2007 for Christmas. I started reading it ... but didn't get very far. I need to pick it up again and get it read.

Cherie said...

Sondra we went to see Wicked in L.A. a year ago November and it was FABULOUS!!! Totally worth the money!!
If you get the opportunity I would say go to L.A. and see it. The cast is incredible and there are recognizable stars in it like Carol Kane who played Madame Morrible.
Also the theatre right in the heart of Hollywood is so amazing. When you go into it you almost feel like you are in "Old Hollywood" with all the art deco style, and, of course, you have to walk on all those stars to get to the entrance!
I hope you get to see it - It is truly the best Broadway Show EVER!!!

Cherie said...

Also, I wanted to let you know I am going to become a "Spark Woman".

Thanks so much for letting all of us know about this.



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