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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Provident Living Leader in Our Ward

Our new Provident Living Leader in our ward totally rocks! Her name is Ann and she is a pharmacist as her profession. This month she gave each woman in our ward this to purify water:

The label says:
Household Bleach
(Sodium Hypochlorite 5 1/4 %)
No Fragrance
Amount of water ----------- Amount of bleach to add
----------------------------clear water-----cloudy water
1 quart---------------------2 drops---------4 drops
1 gallon---------------------8 drops---------16 drops
5 gallons--------------------1/2 teaspoon---1 teaspoon
She brought one for each lady and even made the effort to seek out every woman in Primary, Young Women's, nursery, library... every where in our building and gave each of us one of these bottles and dropper. Sah-Weet!
Last month for Christmas, she made up a cute cellophane bag with salt in it. It had a cute poem about adding spice to our food storage and not to forget the salt. I wish I would have taken a picture and blogged about it or even kept the poem. I wonder if she will do something fun each month. Wow! I love people who make their callings fun and meaningful to those they teach.

At our Ward Christmas dinner I sat by a couple that were a couple of my Primary teachers, Steven and Sandra. I asked Sandra how her business was going. She makes bags for a living and also has a side business. She told me she makes 72 hour kits and I told her I would love to purchase some and ordered four. They were $15 each. I had no idea what to expect, but knew they would be well made and I needed to get a kit for all of us. She delivered them this week. I was kind of expecting a backpack, but this is what they looked like. A case you carry with your hand.
Sewn inside are 8 plastic zip lock bags to keep your items dry. I am excited to organize my existing 72 hour kits and get these filled. I think I will make one for Brady and me and the other two make car kits. Originally I was going to make Jason and Sharon a bag - but will do something later for them.
You can see the ziploc bags sewn directly into the seams. I think they will be really handy and will blog what they look like when they are filled. I am going to have them complete by this weekend.


Ann Marie said...

You are one of those amazing leaders also-- Silly girl!!

I love when people magnify there callings! Yay! Cute ideas!

Autumn said...

Those are good bags to make your kit.


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