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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Cleaning Business

I currently am self employed. The name of my cleaning business is: Sparkling Clean. I took over the cleaning business my Mom had when she retired. I absolutely LOVE working for myself.

Before I started cleaning houses, I worked in the Computer industry. I was a Contract Administrator or a Program Manager in my career life.

I started with Prime Computer in Salt Lake City, UT which later was known as Computervision.

When they closed their SLC office, I went to work for a small engineering company called The parvus Corporation.

Then I worked for Evans and Sutherland and after my divorce I decided to move away from my ex-husband.

I then moved to the Boise Idaho area and worked for MCMS a computer manufacturing production company as a Program Manger II.

In everyone of my jobs, I worked many many hours and it was hard to be the mother that I always wanted to be - but I had to provide for my children. It was a hard life. Then six years ago when the computer industry had a downturn and we lost one of our biggest customer, Cisco Systems... I was laid off.

I decided to work with my mother as a cleaning lady. I totally love the shorter hours and no pressure. When the work is done each day it's done with no pages in the night and working extra long hours or working at home after my children were in bed.

I have a great client base which provides me with the money I need to pay my bills. Although it was a huge pay decrease .. it is worth the time I get to finally be a mother. I still have enough to pay my bills and live a good frugal life.

Over then next few months I will be blogging some great cleaning tips - I am a total cleaning fanatic. I have learned a thing or two to make keeping your home clean a lot easier.

Everyday I clean 2 houses and work from 8AM to about 3PM and each week I clean a business which I just switched to Monday nights (last night). It makes a long day because after I get done cleaning regular houses at 3PM, I come home for a little while and then leave to clean Compton's at 4:30 and arrive home around 8:30 - 9pm. The money is good and it is worth working one evening a week.

One of the chores I have each day is washing the rags I used to clean with that day. After I wash my rags, I then have to fold them. Usually it is done each evening before I go to bed - but on Monday nights when I get home I throw them in the wash and Tuesday Morning I move them to the dryer to dry and then fold them. It doesn't take me very long to get this done. Clean rags for the day.
I also wash the filters for my vacuum with my rags. I will also let you know the supplies and type of vacuum I use and why I use these items. I hope you will tune in to get some great cleaning tips to make your life easier.
I am a GREAT cleaning lady and each of my customers LOVE me. If you live in the Boise/Meridian/Nampa area and know of someone who would love to have a cleaning service - it would be great if you recommended me. I currently have 2 openings.


Ann Marie said...

I am so exited to see some of these posts! I will have to send a few friends your way also!

I had no idea you were a programmer before! My husband is a computer programmer as well. If he wasn't, I probably wouldn't have a blog, as I am FAR from techno-savy!

Zoey said...

Looking forward to hearing your tips. I currently am doing flylady ~ it really helps me keep my sanity!

Sondra said...

Ann Marie... Nope, I wasn't a programmer - but a Program Manger more on the administration side of the business. I would make sure everything was in line for my customer order - the engineering, the purchasing agent, the production line, design issues and updates getting implimented, orders recieved, built, billed and customer is happy. Administration - working on the whole program.
Nope, I wasn't a really smart programmer. Just bossy.


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