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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Klondike Campout 2007/2008

Klondike Camp out
Boy Scouts of America is a wonderful organization and I am very happy that our church has this program part of our young men's youth organization. The skills they learn will benefit these boys throughout their whole life. Brady has been bless to have wonderful leaders who love the scouting program and sacrifice to teach these boys the things they need to learn to be a man.

They go on camp outs one weekend every month. The winter camp out is called the Klondike and it is a regional Boys Scout camp out with troops from all over the area. It is a huge event where they do a lot of team building activities.

This weekend is the Klondike camp out, but Brady and his quorum didn't attend. I was surprised because Brady has loved attending them for the past 3 years. Brady would have gone this year, but he wasn't really good friends with the younger boys in our troop and some of them are kind of a pain to be around. Brady almost asked to go with his friend Taylor, but decided it would have been kind of weird going with their troop.
The boys make snow caves to sleep in. Brady does really well sleeping out in the winter in a snow cave... brrrrrrrr
His little head poking out of the snow cave. This was 2 years ago. I think last year Brady slept in a tent and froze. The snow cave kept them warmer. Another trick is to take a hot rock from around your fire wrapped in a towel /coat and sleep with it next to you. Of course it helps to have tarp, pad to keep you off the ground and 2 good sleeping bags, plus warm clothing of course.
They have snow sleds the boys pull (instead of dogs) and have relay races. The sleds are really cool - the boys made them.
The have knot tying competitions. This is one area that our troop does really well. We always seem to win this - last year Brady was in the top boys and won a hatchet.
They have night devotionals that are very motivating for these boys.
Then they have ceremonies that retire old flags and then they burn them with respect.
They learn to shoot guns.

Have tug a wars.
Pulley games.

These past three years have been fun and exciting for Brady as he has participated in the Boy Scouts of America program. This summer he will work on doing his Eagle project. After reading some one's blog, they had a family rule that their boys cannot drive without having their Eagle. I loved this rule and have implemented it with Brady. I really want him to be motivated to get it done this year (he takes drivers training this year).


Zoey said...

Oh, I'll have to remember that rule! I think that it would be a great one to have!

Cherie said...

Oh I totally wish Brady would have gone with Taylor. Out of 7 boys only 2 from our ward went. Those boys who decided not to go really missed out. Our ward ended up joining with the 2nd ward boys so they could have a bigger group.

Love the pictures of Brady. Scouts is sure great for the boys.


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