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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guest Post by Brady on Pres. Obama

I asked Brady to write his thoughts about watching the inauguration of President Obama. Luckily he finally said yes and sat down and typed away. Please post a comment and let him know what you thought about his guest post.

This is the picture of President Obama that Brady picked out. Hope... yes, we all have Hope!
You know, when It comes to my opinion on this whole Barack Obama topic, I think that my mom would be somewhat right on the issue, but mostly crazy.(I already know that she is going to make a response to this blog, mainly about why she thinks I'm wrong about what I think about her or how uninformed I am, but she wanted me to do this, so the blood is on her hands). I'm just going to pick out things directly from her blog that I agree with and don't agree with.
I for one, am more with Obama then against him, unlike my mother. I think that our nation wants him as a president of the United States, why should I stand against it. I think it's weird when I said I didn't like Bush and my mom had a conniption fit, but now my mom says she doesn't like Obama and, well, I guess when a moms right she's right...(swirls eyes). I think that he will be a good president because the nation wants him to be their president, and if the nation is counting on him, he has a big responsibility to hold in order to keep the people happy. That should help shape any president I think. So far, like my mom, he hasn't given me reason to hate him.

Another thing, just because his birth certificate has not been presented, that doesn't mean that he is not American. I mean, I know that if I was moving out of my moms house, I don't think that it would cross my mind to ask for a birth certificate to take with me in case I decide to become president of the United States one day. Especially if I was 40, I don't think I would care, or know were it is (well, I would know it's in a scrap book but I'm pretending I'm a person with a more normal mom.) I don't think either, that some deranged immigrant would want to be over the United States by becoming president. To me that dream would be a little out there... and I think that person must of hit his head a little to hard to win over half of the nation.

I don't know why he didn't wear the flag pin on his shirt that one day, but I think that whatever my mom was reading, could of exaggerated the fact that he refused to wear it because he is embarrassed of the United States. (my mom has a tendency, in my mind of course, to read things that aren't very accurately informed and maybe exaggerated, like talk radio, the people who say that global warming was going to dramatically change the earth and we couldn't grow plants, and we would become cannibals and all die. That's a true story, but she and I know that's not going to happen, but what other stuff might she read or hear that she might believe that's not true?)

I think my mom's mind blocks out parts of the messages that she doesn't want to hear also. She says that all of the sudden, people are happy to be an American. What I think people are really happy for is that we were about to go into a depression with the stock market crashing with the 700 points and then an immediate continual drop after that. I think that it scared some people, but Obama says that he is going to try and fix our nation, and that reassures people and reminds them that they are happy and grateful to be part of this wonderful nation.

I don't like the fact, (actually agreeing with my mom here) that Obama wants to raise taxes for the wealthy and reduce taxes for the poor. I understand if your struggling with all this debt that you have on this gamble that you did with the houses, but hey you were gambling, and nothing good ever came out of gambling. For other low class citizens, I think that they are lazy, or don't deserve to have what Obama wants to offer, because they lost all of their stuff to various addictions. I think if someone wanted to try and make their life better, and put all the effort into making it happen, they could pull it off eventually, if not immediately. Instead of giving money to the poor and taking it from the rich, why doesn't he just put all of the effort into something productive, like trying to get more job opportunities around the nation. That would also make not just the citizens of the United States happier, but also make us a stronger and more powerful nation, with a bigger GDP. (Gross Domestic Product)

Last semester at school, I was in a global perspective class. They are full of Obama lovers and democrats, along with information about what socialist counties are. There was a girl in the class that asked, "Mrs.(name hidden), why are people saying that Obama is going to turn our nation into a socialist nation?" She said something like I have said earlier, that someone needs to take more control over our government and fix the whole stock market issue. I only got reassured by this when Obama said in his inauguration, that he was going to do that, (was about the only thing he talked about actually). Another reason why I don't think that we can become a socialist nation is that I think that he has to come flat out to the United states and say that we are going to turn into a socialist nation. I don't think he can tweak the nation rules around to make it otherwise. I also think that if he says that we are going to become a socialist nation, that we are going to break out in a revolution, just like China did when they were transferring into their socialist nation. If that happened, well, it wouldn't be good for the nation or him, so I think that it would be stupid of him to do that, and that's why I don't think he is going to.

I think that Obama and his whole, anti gun issues are bad to. (also agreeing with my mom). I understand stopping the war, and bring piece and love to other nations, but I don't think that he should have the right to take it to the next level and take away our guns because they harm people. I heard from my dad that if Obama takes away our guns, some people can not defend themselves against bad guys with guns, and though he might of taken away our guns, the bad guys will always have guns.

To rap this whole blogging thing up, something that escaped my mind is that I think it was a good thing that we got to see the inauguration at school. It was a good experience for us to see what they do. I think that they should do it every 4 years at the high schools only, because that means you only see it once while attending high school. I think that they should have done it with the other presidents. Just because they didn't do it with the last presidents, doesn't mean that it's a bad thing to do. I thought that it was a good experience, no matter what people reasons were for having us watch it.

I hope you see that I'm not completely like my mom, more normal (smiles.)


Scrappy Girl said...

I loved reading this! What a smart young man you have there Sondra. Very intellectual with a little bit of that teenage rebellion thrown in there. I myself hope that Pres. Obama takes the opportunity to become great!

Zoey said...

I enjoyed reading every minute of this! Thanks Brady for helping us see things a bit different. As for what will actually happen, time will only tell!

Ann Marie said...

I Loved your guest blogger! He should make a comeback! Way to go Brady! Very smart!

Because I wrote such a long-winded comment, you do not have to publish this to your blog.. I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts..

Now.. I am opinionated. Please don't hate me. --But I see more of your Mom's points.. :) I believe in being Subject to Presidents, and I will support him because he is our President,-- and I HOPE he will do as he says he will. But-- his Moral opinions and views are completely against what I beleive. I am VERY conservative, and he is an extreme liberal, so we are not going to agree. My husband is a member of the NRA, so I agree with your gun thoughts. I am extremely worried about socialized medicine. I have a brother that is a Doctor, and this would be very bad. I could do a whole post on this subject...

Another thing that does worry me is the education system. Most schools here in Utah (other than BYU ) teach very liberal ways of thinking and I am not sure that it is good for politics to be brought up in a classroom unless it is 50/50. I worry that my children will eventually have to be home-schooled in order to teach them what I feel are correct principles rather than what the world sees as being "correct".

Now.. I'm not sure that there is a person in the world that can just come in and "fix" everything. Let's just say that I hope things get better rather than worse.

I know I am probably on the "D" list now for expressing my true feelings, but you asked...

Maybe Brady should start a blog?? Huh??

Rhonda said...

Brady I think you did a great job. I really enjoyed it. There is 1 thing I must disagree on and that is that this family will ever be "normal" ;-)

Sondra said...

Thanks everyone for posting a comment! I think it is really fun for Brady and hopefully he will do it again. I laughed and laughed as I read what he said. He is such a funny and cute kid.

Ann, I had to post your comment because I loved everything you said.

I have to give a comment on the global warming cannibalism.... I really heard about this article on the Glenn Beck program... I don't believe in global warming (although I do try to take care of the earth). After listening about this story - I told my kids.. They thought I was crazy - but that is what is predicted if we continue to drive cars... LOL...

Brady thinks I go off the deep end with my views. We will see what he believes as he gets older. I like getting into these discussions with him to make him aware of what is going on in the world and to make him think.

He is a teenager and he makes me laugh.. But when he turns 20 he will realize that he doesn't know everything - just like the rest of us - LOL!!

Thanks again for your comments.

Cherie said...

Brady Your comments were great! I loved your post and I agree with many of your views.
You have a good handle on it for you age and I am impressed!

Taylor's Mom

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cindy says...
Brady, you had some thoughtful opinions, but one thing you do not understand is that, the government cannot fix anything. Everything they try to fix, always cost tons of money with no results, only more problems. Take the stock market. We are in this mess because of cheating and lying of CEO's. Now we are giving them bale out money - - that you and I do mean "you" will have to repay. During the great depression, President Roosevelt came up with the new deal. They thought it would put people back to work. Well those who work, worked and those who did not, sat around getting handouts. Now it's not the poor and lazy asking for handouts, but giant companies, so that people can keep their jobs. One things is for sure - - the new deal was one of the worst things that our government started and we are still paying for. The government needs to stay out of the recession. Things will get bad - but "we the people" can and will fix things ourselves. We do not need the government to be the partners with business. This is how socialism starts. The government starts to control how businesses run, who they must hire and how much they can make. We do not need to make the same mistakes that were made in the past.
One other thing is the war. Sometimes war is necessary. The people in the middle east are not free, they need to have the same opportunities as we. During world war I and World War II, those the germans and the japanese were our enemies. Now they are our allies. Now the Gospel can be taught in those countries. If the war had not taken place, those doors would not have been open for the gospel to roll forth and to be taught to Every Tongue and People. Enough of my lecture. Obama was not my choice for president, but neither was McCain. It is a sorry thing that we have to choose between two evils. ?? Is this the best America has to offer?? I don't think so. But one this is for sure. I will pray for this president and Senate and Congress harder than ever, that they might do what is right, that you and me might not be put in bondage to the government, that they will uphold the constitution of the US and that honest and upright people will stand for truth and righteousness is that this country will remain free !!! Love Cindy

Sondra said...

Thank you, thank you Aunt Cindy! You said it really well. I try to explain this to both of my boys, but they don't "get" it. I appreciate your comments so much. I know it will help Brady understand what I am trying to explain much better with your comment. We do pray for Pres. Obama and the government everyday. We really need to. Thanks again for those great comments. (You need to comment more;-). Love ya!


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