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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Emergency Preparedness Supplies

This past week while I was putting together my 72 hours kits and looking at preparedness sites, I decided to place an order for emergency supplies. I received them today. This is what I ordered from Emergency Essentials or
I have been reading about powdered eggs. A lot of sites use these for all of their baked goods. Since I have been storing powdered milk and having a pitcher in the fridge to use for cooking I thought ordering eggs would be a great idea.
Last year, Brady went on a pioneer trek and he had to have a bucket with a lid. We found this cushioned lid and they used it as their stool. This is the only thing they had to pack all of their supplies (except their sleeping bag) for the trek.
I have been looking into getting a toilet seat to put on this bucket. Seriously, being a girl who can't enjoy peeing on a tree in the woods - I wanted something I could sit on in an emergency. I finally have an emergency toilet. Yeah - this will be heaven sent if I can't use indoor plumbing. Oh, the things a girl need to be happy ;-)...
I needed to get more hand/body warmers for my kits and more water. They had the warmers on sale for $8.99 (regular $14.92). The kit has 6 hand and body warmers; 4 adhesive body warmers and 2 hand pocket and glove warmers. That is 12 warmers which I thought was a great deal. The water is only 4.2 oz which I think is a perfect size. You can also freeze them for ice packs to use on injuries.
I spent $86.37 which was a lot more then I usually spend in one month for my emergency supplies. This will have to be my budget for the next couple of months. Every little step makes me feel more secure in this economy.


Ann Marie said...

I want a port-a-potty!
That's my next emergency prepardness item.. A FEW of those!

Zoey said...

Food storage is great, isn't it? I love the potty! It looks like it would work well in an emergency!

Autumn said...

nice toilet dude!


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