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Friday, January 2, 2009

Decorations Down, Cleaning and Organizing

I have been busy working on my new craft and scrap booking room. When Brady moved upstairs, I brought out all my totes, plastic storage shelves and tried to organize the mess. It was very junky looking and I hated it. I wanted a room that was pleasing to the eye as well as functional. I decided I needed to purchase shelves and get rid of the plastic totes and plastic drawer units. Walmart had their 5 shelf units on sale for $29 each and I purchased 3 of them. Yesterday I spent the day putting the shelves together and organizing my stuff. I also purchased 3 wicker baskets at Fred Meyers the other day - they were $7 each 50% off regular price, they are white wicker on the top and navy wicker on the bottom and material lined. I have each basket on the same shelf on each shelving unit.

I had a lot of lined wicker baskets through my house and I took them and used them to organize my craft and scrap booking supplies. I just love it, it looks great as well as being much more organized. I am excited to put this room to use and start working on my scrapbooks more regularly.

I know life will be better as I start getting all of the memory items in books and more organized. I keep so many memory things, cards, school work, bulletins etc that it is over whelming. I can't wait until I can walk to a shelf and it is put together in a cute and organized way. I am ready to go go go and get VERY organized in 2009!!
My decorating theme in January is snowmen! I used to have these part of my Christmas decorations, but it was just too much. I decided that instead, I would have snowmen adorne my home in January to make more of a statement. This is a polar bear and snowman scene in the window above my kitchen sink.

It is always a nice feeling to get all of the Christmas decorations down and my home back to normal.
I think what is most noticeable the light (not in this picture - taken at night) that comes through the window when the Christmas tree is not blocking the light. I am a person who loves all of the blinds and curtains open during the day. I need sun shine. I am always surprised at the number of homes I go in that are dark because they keep the blinds closed all day long. I'd get very depressed if I didn't open every window each morning.
I have really gotten a cleaning bug... an organizing bug.... I feel the need to go through every drawer, nook and cranny and organize, organize, organize. I took a huge car load of things to donate to a thrift store today. I keep getting rid of all the things I hold onto for years but never use. I am tired of all these things cluttering up my life. It's time to let go and get organized in 2009!


Karin said...

Have a happy new year and say "hi" to your whole family from us.

All the best

Erin said...

Way to go on the organizing... it is definitely a talent that not all of us have! :)

Ann Marie said...

Yay! The room looks amazing!!

I teach organizing classes, and I must say I am impressed! I have the bug too, but I was VERY sad to take down Christmas stuff. I'm decorating for Valentines already.. Can you believe it??

Happy cleaning and organizing!!


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