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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Last night, Brady and I went to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I was surprised at how long the movie was 2 hours and 48 minutes - almost 3 hours long. It felt like a long movie, but I liked that. I wish Twilight could have been 3 hours to give us more character development instead of rushing through the whole plot to get all the details in the book on film. I would rather get my monies worth and enjoy a movie for 3 hours then not like it at all - because it was rushed. What is wrong with a 3 hour movie? Why did it come down to only 2 hours now? Where did the law come from that said a movie should only be 2 hours?? Ok - just random thoughts - but I like that they told the story and didn't worry so much about the length of the movie... Good job!!

The story's narrator is Daisy's daughter played by Julie Ormond - from Sabrina with Harrison Ford - I loved that she has aged - it makes me feel better as I age too. She reads from Benjamin's journal as Hurricane Katrina bears down on the Gulf coast to her mother (Daisy) during her last minutes of life on this earth.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button PG-13 for brief war violence, sexual content, language and smoking. Following a brief scene of childbirth, a baby is abandoned by his father and raised in a home for the elderly. Benjamin visits a brothel and hires a prostitute. He also goes to a bar where he drinks. Comments are made about unmarried and lesbian relationships. There are bodies in the ocean killed during a battle with enemy soldiers.
Some people are born with an old spirit, wise and settled beyond their years. But Benjamin Button is just born old. The face of the newborn is one that only a mother can love. The real father, can't abide the sight of his wrinkled, arthritic offspring. He plans to throw the child in the river but he doesn't because there is a police officer on the dock. The police officer starts to chase the father to get the baby, but the father finds a porch to deposit the baby on. Whether by design or not, it happens to be a home for the elderly. Fortunately, Queenie the adoptive mom, a compassionate Black caregiver who looks after the aging residents, finds the abandoned child, takes him in, and raises him as her own.
Brad Pitt is of course gorgeous in the movie - when isn't he? The technical effects and make-up used to age these actors was amazing. Brad as Benjamin is very nice looking as an older man. I wonder how they do the body - because that certainly isn't his body - you can kinda see his face though.
Benjamin knows he's different from the other house occupants and Queenie never lets him forget it. Growing stronger and more agile with time, Benjamin's body may look old but he has a childlike curiosity and is intrigued by the young granddaughter, Daisy of one of the women in the care center.
He leaves the old folks home and works on a tug boat and has many experiences as his body become younger each day - not his mind though - it becomes older each day.
He has an affair with a married woman - she played the White Queen in Narnia. It was an interesting part of the movie (affairs are not good). Benjamin really being young and having his first love - not experienced with love (because although he looks old is just a boy) get hurt as the wife leaves without a word.
After the Pearl Harbor war where the tug boat he worked on got shot up and everyone died but Benjamin, he then made his way back home. He found out who is real father was, but never truly forgave him for abandoning him. Benjamin was true to Queenie his mother who loved him and raised him.

Despite their bodies age differences, Benjamin and the redheaded Daisy, become good friends. He and Daisy found each other again and the love story began. One that couldn't last forever, because Benjamin will get younger and Daisy will get older. I loved the fun and love they had together - aaaahhhhh - only to dream of a love like that - without the heart break though.
Daisy (Cate Blanchett) dances on stages around the world as a ballerina. What an amazing, beautiful ballerina she is.. Wow!!! Very graceful, she is a very beautiful woman with the dancing beauty she portrays. I loved watching her dance.
It takes them a while to really get together. When they are together the sparks fly, the love is beyond words. The heart break of what is to come is more then I can bear.
As Benjamin becomes a teenager - aaaaahhhh Brad is that cute!!! The technical effect of the young Brad Pitt we all know is sooooo very cool. Then he becomes a boy, toddler and infant. It is a tear jerker for sure at the end. The love between Benjamin and Daisy never die...
Despite the sexual parts / prostitutes / affairs of the movie .. I loved the aging process .. finally when the love story between Benjamin and Daisy come together. I love a good love story. I love Queenie and the love she has for Benjamin - how she gets after him like a teenager when he comes home late after drinking and such. It is a good movie. It's long.... but I liked it! It's a drama - not a comedy.


Anonymous said...

It is long, and you told so many details here, good summary. I agree that movies should not rush to get everything into a certain amount of time. If the story is that long to begin with, it should be that long to end with... Anyways, besides the length, I don't know too many other reasons why the movie would not get better reviews (ex: oh well, maybe as more people see the movie.

Cherie said...

I LOVED this movie. I wanted our family to go see it Christmas day but they were all being "poops" ha ha. Now I am glad because I don't know if they all would have liked it but I thought it was EXCELLENT.

I am still wondering how Brad Pitts head was on the body of the old guy? Movie Magic??

Anyway, great story, great acting it is nice to pay the money and see a SUPER movie and feel that way when you leave the theater.

coffee said...

Cate Blanchett with a southern accent FTW; but Benjamin Button kept dragging on, always pausing dramatically on Brad Pitt's face, a lot like Meet Joe Black, FTL


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