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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cooking Day

Friday was a short work day, I only had one house to clean. That left me with an afternoon to get some baking done. I have had a bunch of old banana's on the counter which signaled that banana bread needed to be made. I had enough old banana's to bake three loaves of bread. Yum! I will freeze two loaves to eat later. At least that is one task done! My Banana bread recipe is here. Then I decided to make spaghetti sauce for dinner and to freeze. Here is the recipe for the sauce:

I also made bread. Every week Jason and Sharon come shopping in my food storage. They have been really poor due to their hours being cut at their work. It's been really hard on them. They finally completed some layoffs in Phoenix and now are back up to full time again. It is nice to have food storage to help them out. I made bread for them to take when they come by. The bread recipe I use is from Tammy's Recipes - Everyday Cooking Inspiration . This is the best bread recipe and you will love it. This is the link to Tammy's bread recipe:
I finally was able to get a door organizer put up that I have had for a while. It was too long for the door to my food storage area (which is the cove under the stairs). I found out the door was shorter then a regular door. I had cut it down and sew up the bottom. I finally got it done - YEAH! I have been wanting to put all of my storage bags on the door in an orderly fashion. It's been a pain trying to find the one I want when they were just stacked up on a shelf. Now that it is organized, I am able to find what size I am looking for without taking them all out and making a mess. Yeah for organization!! If you'd like to see a picture of my food storage area, you can click here.
It was a productive day. I built a fire, cooked and organized - every bit of organizing I do equals an easier time I have in keeping my home clean and everything in it's place.

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Ann Marie said...

I am just tired after reading it all.. MAN!! I seriously wish you lived next door to me.. I want to sample that bread! Yum!!

Where was I when you posted your food storage room?? Didn't I know you then?? I had never seen it before, and it looks great, great, GREAT!!

What a blessing you are to your sons. You are truly an amazing Woman. There is such comfort in knowing that your parents love you and will do anything for you.. My parents have sat all of us married children down many times and said that we can come and take from their pantry at any time... I hopefully would never have to do that, but the blessings of knowing that it is there are such a comfort.
I really feel that Heavenly Father will bless you with your righteous desires because you are such a good example of sacrifice..

I'm glad I know you Sondra..


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