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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brady Is Signed Up for LDS Youth Conference!

I am really excited that we were able to get Brady registered to attend a Youth Conference at BYU Idaho in June. Brady and his cousin, Autumn are going together. The cost was $380.00 - Yikes!! I am sure it will be worth every penny. The youth get to stay in the dorms at the college while participating in a ton of activities. We signed up for AFY - Adventure for Youth. Some of the things they get to do are:

AFY offers:
*Campus Activities
*Rope Courses
*Whitewater rafting
*Devotionals on gospel topics
*Group activities and adventures that build long-lasting friendships.

Another advantage of attending a youth program at BYU-Idaho is the commitment of the University to maintaining high standards both in appearance and behavior.

Rafting: A thrilling 2 hour guided whitewater rafting trip down the Snake River. Get wet, have fun!

AFY Games: A collection of games intended to strengthen team spirit and create bonds between participants using teamwork skills and group cooperation.

Giant Swing: This element is another high ropes activity consisting of swinging from a height chosen by the participant, the highest point being 40 feet above the ground. This is a self release system where helmet, harness, and climbing ropes are used.

Initiative: This course has approximately ten events with various obstacles, tasks and problems to solve. This is an excellent activity for building teamwork, unity, trust, self esteem, and communication. There are two initiative courses each with different challenges and obstacles.

AFY-TV: Join with members of your group in creating an exciting group project to be recorded and shown during the closing ceremony.

They will also be doing Temple baptisms at the new Rexburg Temple during the week.

The website for BYU Youth Conference information you can click here.

Now for a flashback to the Youth Conference I was able to attend at BYU Provo. We had the best time staying in the dorms and all of the classes.

We went as a ward: My little brother Richard is the first one, I am the second, third ?? Not sure of the name ... 4th is one of my friends Shelly, 5th is Julie and is 6th Teri.

It was much different then when you went as a ward. Now parents sign up and send your child off by themselves. Luckily my niece Autumn will be going with Brady.

When we went, the Osmonds were huge. The Donny and Marie show was hot and you never missed it. We were able to tour their studio. Here is one of my best friends growing up, Donna, then me (sleeveless - Wow!) and Shelly. We are under a picture of Andy Gibb who was a total babe then. You can see Marie Osmond's Picture too. I have a picture of Donny and Marie with Richard and me posing under it. I wish I could find it and post it. I'll have to find it because it is great.
Here are more pictures of Youth Conference. It was hot and humid and I had pretty scary hair in most of these pictures. We had a blast... Great youth memories that Brady gets to experience this year. I am really excited for him.

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Cherie said...

OMGosh I went to a ward sponsered Youth Conference at BYU when I was 15 too. I LOVED it. Not many people have even heard of those so it is fun to read your post and know that you went to one too. Cool. I was a new convert of a year when I went and it made a huge difference in my life and testimony.

Brady is going to LOVE EFY - it is a great experience!! Oh and definately worth the money.


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