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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winterland Parade and Ward Christmas Pary

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the Meridian Winterland Parade. It started promptly at 12 noon.

As an American I always feel it is very important to stand and place my hand over my heart when the flag goes by. It always makes me sad to see others that do not respect the flag and stand as it goes by.
There were a few floats with a snowy winterland theme. The paramedics doing a dance and reviving teddy bears. It was cute and they did a great job bringing them back to life.
More snowy themed floats.
Loud cars. We always have lots of old fashion cars, racing cars and cars carrying people.
These particular cars set outside my house this morning revving their engines. It was kind of annoying - but I knew they were warming up for the parade and all was forgiven.
There were festive horses.
Snowman fights - knocking each other out. Snow ball fights with fake snow balls. There isn't any snow in Meridian yet... Think snow.... think snow!!!
Frosty the snowman came to town... But, where is his top hat??
Many children snowmen.
The best part was Joseph and Mary on the way to Bethlehem. (I was surprised) It was my favorite part of the parade!
Not to mention a wise man with his camel... Cool!
One float handed out stuffed animals along the way. Brady received a black bear that he just loved. It was soft and squishy... Too Fun!!
My camera was acting up - out of batteries and I missed Santa Claus and his wife.. You can see the back of them... It was the end of the parade.
We also had our Ward Christmas party tonight. This is Lance and Jenny -Jenny was my Primary Secretary. Stephanie is one of my closest friends in my ward - she was the chorister in Primary. Then Terresa and Bill - Terresa was my Nursery leader and recently was my councilor in Relief Society. They are all great friends of mine.
Brady was hanging out with the guys. Back row is another Brady and the two missionaries (I don't know their names). and Jake is in the middle with his waving hands. Front row is Brady and Edwardo. The boys always have a great time together.
The ward choir sang several Christmas songs.
The Primary Children put on a Nativity Play which was fantastic! I loved it. Then the Big guy - Santa came and I didn't take a picture of him either... The dinner was good and so was the company. We had a great time. I signed up to cook a carrot dish - I didn't like the recipe they gave me and I was freaking out that it was wrong. When we arrive, it looked the same as the others. I didn't particularly like the recipe and won't make it again. I don't like making dishes I haven't made before or even seen before. I still think it was wrong -the carrots were still raw and crunchy. I put mine in the microwave for an additional 10 minutes - but it was still weird. Oh, well... the rest of the dinner was yummy.
It has been a very busy weekend... I am feeling really tired from our Thanksgiving trip last week, going nonstop in getting my house decorated and attending all the activities.
Sunday there is a church wide Christmas devotional and Meridian is also having the Meridian Symphony playing. I may T-Vo the Devotional to watch for Family Home Evening on Monday and go to the Symphony. I'll have to see how tired I am tomorrow. Even though we are so very busy - I love this time of year! Ho ho ho!


Scrappy Girl said...

Last nite was supposed to be our little town's parade BUT it snowed and the roads were really nasty. I enjoyed seeing all the pics of yours though. Love the wise man and his camel!

Ann Marie said...

I love pictures!
Glad you had such a fun/busy weekend.
Hmmmm.... does Brady's friend Edwardo get alot of attention right now?? Who wouldn't want Edward in there name?? LOL!

I hate to make things I havent made before also. It's a HUGE stress to me, since I am such a perfectionist.
Have fun decorating!!

Cherie said...

You and Brady have been busy bees hitting all the Christmas celebrations. Very fun:)


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