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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

Don't you love the ice cycles on top of the photo? I love ice cycles, it reminds me of when I was young. I haven't seen those baby's for quit a long time, living here in Boise, Idaho.

Yes, I wished for it and boy did we get it!!!! Lots and lots of snow. Beautiful white Christmas snow. The first couple of days I really enjoyed it. The nice thing about Boise, Idaho is that when we get snow, it doesn't last too long on the roads because we have such mild weather that it usually melts rather quickly.

HOWEVER....... Not this time. The temperature has been cold which equals to really icy roads. I have been driving around pretty good until today. I've been able to get to each house that needed cleaning with slow and steady driving. Last night when I was leaving my sister's house (she had a family dinner/party for Christmas) it was snowing pretty good. I took it slow going my usually 25 miles an hour and arrived home safely. This morning they said we received 4 inches that were not forecasted for and that meant the snow plows did a terrible job cleaning the roads.

I had to clean Mab's, my customer for a party she is having on Christmas eve. She lives in Eagle and I decided that instead of driving the back roads, I would take Eagle - which is a main road that you drive 55 MPH on. It was totally packed snow covered, so I drove up to 35 MPH and made it OK. She lives on a hill and it was slow going but I made it there. The problem was getting back down the hill. It was totally ICE! I basically had NO traction and slide down - but I was safe, I didn't run into anything.

I was off to my next house that was up on the foothills and they live on quite a steep incline. As I drove from Eagle to Boise, the roads were HORRIBLE. I slide right through the intersection at one point... again I was safe. As I continued to drive, I just decide I would give them a call to see how the mountain was. We decided that I wouldn't clean it... which I hate because that equals no money when you are self employed. I headed back home on the terrible roads.

My life is much more important then money... I feel guilty in not being able to clean them before Christmas day... I hope to be able to make it Friday - if the roads are better. Who knows??

Here is a snap shot of my back yard. Lots of snow - sticking on the trees... It's beautiful as long as I can drive safely... I'm ready to call uncle and wish it away..

We do have a white Christmas and it is forecasted to snow everyday this week. I always get a little worried when Brady has to fly to SLC during bad weather. Mostly that he'll be able to make there and home again with no problem. We've been praying all week that it will work out with no problem... Along with my safe traveling while I work.

As you may have guessed... I have been busy, busy, busy.. cooking up a storm.. Trying to get goody plates delivered to all those I love. Christmas certainly is a BUSY time of the year. I'll rest next week - LOL!

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