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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Blog Book

It's official!!! As soon as I am caught up on all my scrap booking - I am NOT going to scrap book anymore. Can you believe that statement?? I am not going to keep scrap booking. It may be years for that really become a fact, because I am so far behind. But starting the day I created a blog - I won't have to scrap book it anymore.
I have found this terrific site that will down load your blog and make a book. I ordered it and received it Monday. It is fantastic!! I has two months of blogs because the photo limit is 350 pictures. I decided to cut it off at November 1st and will start ordering a new book monthly.
Shared book is offering a 15% discount on your blog book if you use this code: MyBlog31MAR04007 when you check out.
This book has 136 pages double sided, all the pictures for 2 months and all my journaling. It only cost $55. To me that is a bargain, when you take in the cost of each photo and print cartridges, scrap book paper and supplies - not to mention my time. It is totally worth the cost to me. If I order one monthly and it cost around $23 - I can totally afford that.
I think this is very cool. I am also going to burn all of the pictures on a CD and put it in the back cover of each book. That way I can re-create any photo when needed. I love the idea of always being up to date and having a real book with my journaling too. After I am caught up, I will never get behind again. That is SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!
Here is the front cover. I chose my house as the cover photo because I journaled a lot about my home.

The dedication page - I just put the paragraph at the top of my blog... I thought it was appropriate for my first book.
Here are some random pages in the book.

The back of the journal is the first picture when I started the book. They must have randomly added that... Next time I order a book, I'll have to see if they ask for a photo for the back page.
I wanted to share this great idea and web site. I actually found it through my blog buddy - Ann Marie. Thanks for sharing this great idea with me. I know it will be a huge blessing to my lineage.
I really need to get back on my Christmas decorations. Usually I have them up before I leave for Thanksgiving. However, I didn't do it this year and I feel totally out of control. I'll blog the photo's of all the hard work as soon as I finish. There is a feeling of Christmas in the air!


Ann Marie said...

I have so much scrap book stuff, and it just sits there wasting away. If I ever get back into it, it will probably be digital, and I will print my blogs ( if I can afford it also .)

My scrapbbok paper, scissors, stamps, and everthing will now just be used for cards. I love handmade cards.

The book looks great! Yay!

Cherie said...

Sondra I don't want to take away from the site you found but I thought I would let you in on another. I have done a couple of blog books now through They are cheaper than what you paid, the books are hard bound, the cover is photowrapped, and you can do a whole year in one book. It also downloads your blog so you have all the entries and pictures. In fact, this is what saved my blog when I accidentally deleted it in October. I had it all downloaded into my Blurb book. You can download it all year long and then print your book at the end of the year. My book last year cost $42.00 for the whole blog year (depends on the pages but really cheap I thought). The quality of the photo's is fantastic and you also can design pages - make them different colors, add backgrounds, etc...It is fun and creative that way. It's worth checking out.
I am with you though. Once I started the blog I haven't scrapbooked again - don't need too. The cost of making the blog into a book is WAY cheaper than all the paper, adhesives, etc...I bought for just doing one scrapbook.

Sondra said...

Thanks Cherie, I am going to check this out! I am all for saving money! I just ordered November's book and it was $30. $42 sounds like a better deal to me! Thanks for the information!!

Zoey said...

How much work does this take you? Did you have to organize any of it? What if you have slide shows with pictures on it???

Have you checked out the other site? I really want more information if you can't tell - I probably won't stop scrapbooking, because I enjoy it, but this would make a great family journal!


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