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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Moving Out and Moving Up

Jason moved out two weeks ago on December 6th to a new house. His move left our home with a vacant room. Brady decided he wanted to move upstairs because it is a larger room and also has a half bathroom. It took me a week to have the time to get the room cleaned up and have enough energy to move Brady's stuff upstairs.

We tackled the job the next Saturday, December 13th. It was a huge job. I went up and down the stairs so many times lugging items with me, that my legs were killing me. I had sore muscles for several days - I really need to get in shape! Brady says that is my new exercise going up and down the stairs (Oh joy!).

You should have seen us trying to get his mattress up the stairs, it was very comical. We were able to move everything by ourselves - yeah! We did it!!

This is the look at the top of the stairs. When the weather starts getting nice in the spring - I am going to get the pink wall paper down and re-paint the room. Here is his keyboard, bean bag chair and part of the bed.
Aaahhh his bed - made and read for sleeping!!
Here is the other side of the room (by the stairs coming up). We brought up his books, the rock band system and his stereo, plus the TV in the built in unit at the end of the picture. There is a lot of room for everything!
One thing that I have really enjoyed is that after he takes the shower in the morning - the bathroom is all mine to get ready for the day. He gets to finish getting ready in his own bathroom. Before, we had to share the bathroom and it wasn't very convenient. It is really nice to have our separate areas.
I am trying to organize all of my craft stuff and scrap booking supplies in his old room. Right now it is really junky looking. I need to come up with a system, purchase some shelves or something to make it look nicer and not like a junk room. However, I totally love having this room for my scrap booking - a room where I can close the door when I am knee deep with scrap booking supplies everywhere. It's nice to have all of this extra room and also nice that my 24 year old son has finally moved out and on with his life - LOL!!
I have been so busy this month with decorating for Christmas, Christmas shopping, moving Jason out, moving Brady up, parties and extra cleaning for my customer's who are having parties in their the extra time to drive around on snowy roads. I am beat!!! Only one week until Christmas day!
I cant believe I haven't had much time to be baking and making tons of yummy treats. I feel behind this year and tired with so much going on. Now that the moving is pretty much done for now, I think I have all of the Christmas shopping done, I am feeling a little more relaxed. I need to get all the presents wrapped and my Christmas cards out (yes I haven't done it yet!)... then I can relax a for the remainder of the season (I hope)... Brady leaves to spend time with his Dad on Dec 26th with a very early airplane ride to Salt Lake City. He'll be gone for 6 days. It will be sad to have him gone and I'll be lonely. However, it will give me down time to relax and pamper myself for 6 whole days. It will be a long week without him and I'll miss him very much!

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Ann Marie said...

Wow! you have been very busy.. The room looks nice.. and I bet the own bathroom thing is nice.
Glad you have a week to just bake, and be with the family...
Thanks for your nice comments!


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