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Friday, December 5, 2008

Fandango Credit

On Thanksgiving I tried to purchase tickets to Twilight from for our family. The site erred out 2 times, but my bank account was charged $70 each time it erred out. I contacted my bank and Fandango for a credit.
Today I finally received a response back from Fandango. They let me know that they would refund these charges. I checked my bank account and the money is back!! Yeah!! I wasn't too happy to have $140 out of my bank account during the holidays - or anytime. It's good to know they did the right thing.


Ann Marie said...

I would have just got myself a giftcard to see the movie that many more times... I know.. I'm crazy. If you were here, I'd have you go again with me!

Cherie said...

I read your other post and am glad you got your money back with no problems.
I tend to shop alot on the internet these days and I always worry about some glitch, especially when the computer is running slow, etc...
Nice to hear a happy ending.

Scrappy Girl said...

Glad you got your $ back...that was quite a bit to have on "hold." Looks like they would have thrown in a ticket...or two! LOL!

I am dying to see the movie again! I was in f.y.e. the other day and they are already reserving copies of the DVD coming out Spring 2009.

Lil Sis called me last night and she had read on a website that new moon will be out in 2010...eclipse in 2012 and Breaking Dawn in 2013. Not sure how reliable that is, but it sounds about right! Can't wait that long!

Zoey said...

Is this when we went together? I mean, holy crap!!! $140 is a lot of money!


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