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Sunday, December 28, 2008

CTR 8 Teacher

Today I finally found out what class I will be teaching in Primary this year!! It will be CTR 8!! I am very excited to be teaching the 7 year old children who will be turning 8 and getting baptised this year!!

Here is the message to teachers from the manual. I love to review this and remember what a sacred calling this is:

Our Father in Heaven has given you the sacred calling to teach children the gospel of Jesus Christ and help them learn to live it. As you serve the children and invite each one to "come unto Christ," you will bless their lives. You can help them begin to understand Heavenly Father's blessings and receive testimonies of his gospel. You will also grow personally and learn from them. Your service in Primary can bring you great joy. By serving Primary children, you are also serving Heavenly Father.

As you live the principles of the gospel, study the scriptures, follow the counsel of priesthood leaders, and draw near to Heavenly Father through prayer, you will receive inspiration from the Holy Ghost regarding the children you teach. Bear your testimony often to the children, and let the Holy Ghost work through you in this important calling. As you do so, the Spirit will direct you so that all you do in Primary will be what Heavenly Father desires for his children.

I team teach with Stacie T. and we have 10 boys and girls who will be in our class. I can't wait to actually be a Primary teacher again. It's been such a long time since I have had the opportunity to teach a class. I have spent many years in the Primary Presidency and being in charge of all the children. Oh how I crave some one on one time where I have the chance to focus on these 10 children. Oh, the fun we are going to have!!

Of course the biggest theme for this age is CTR or Choose the Right! The main focus is to teach the children that by following Jesus Christ's example, they can choose the right, be baptized, and become members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The yearly theme for 2009 is: "My Eternal Family"
The Scripture for the year is: "Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ" ("The Family: A Proclamation to the World," paragraph 7).

The theme this year will help teach the children that they have an important role in building an eternal family. They can strengthen the families they have now, and they can prepare to be faithful fathers or mothers in their future families. Primary leaders will help the children learn that the role of the family is an important part of Heavenly Father's plan for us. We learn and live the gospel in our families. The scriptures, prayer, prophets, covenants, temples, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ are blessings that strengthen families.

Today I had the opportunity to teach the 11 year old girls and be in Primary. It just feels my spirit with joy to be there with the children and to sing Primary songs. I LOVE IT!! It is where I belong .... teaching children. Yeah!!

The other thing I am very excited about is changing the time we attend church. Currently in 2008 we attended church from 3pm - 6pm and now we get to attend at 9am -12 noon.. Hooray!! I love having it early and having the rest of Sunday to be lazy and have a nap or two - LOL.. This year has really cramped my style in having a nap on Sunday afternoon and being ready for a week of work. What a joyful year of Sundays 2009 will bring!


Zoey said...

WOW! I've always thought that this would be the funnest class to teach in primary, especially to try and attend their baptisms and let them know that they are loved by not only you, but by a loving Heavenly Father. What a lucky duck! BTW, your talk is coming in handy. I changed things up a little, but it's been wonderful and I think that it will be just right!

Ann Marie said...

Oh, what fun. That is my oldest Daughters class, and I hope she gets a good teacher that will teach her the importance of Baptism. You will be of great influence. ~ And attending many baptisms.. ;)

Cherie said...

Congrats! I have taught that age before and I have to say it is my favorite. It is just such a special year for those kids and they need to get the BEST teacher - that is why they got you I am very sure!! Look at your excitement already - lucky kids!!!

I just about fell over when I read you went to church 3 - 6. Yuck I didn't even know anyone had that time - so late! I bet you are glad to be off that schedule.

We have had 1 - 4 and will also go to 9:00. I am not sure if I am thrilled because I am not a morning person but it is definately better than the late schedule:)


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