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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cookie Exchange Party

Every year in December, my friend Stephanie holds a cookie exchange party. I love to attend this party!!! I am even more excited that I am invited each year. There are usually around 30 women from our ward who attend. It is very nice to have a relaxed atmosphere to visit everyone.
This is my great friend Stephanie, who holds the party. She has a bunch of munch-able food for us to graze on. She also has hot cider and I love having a cup of hot cider. (Hot cider takes me back to my childhood. My mom always had a huge pot on the stove and when we came inside from playing in the snow or ice skating - we would go straight to the hot cider.)

In the invitation we are all asked to bring 2 dozen cookies to share. This year she gave awards to:
*** The best presentation of cookies - went to Jenny
*** Best use of chocolate in their cookies - went to Chris
*** Best use of rice crispies - went to Carol Lynn
*** I can't remember the last category - something like most different - it went to Carolee for fudge instead of cookies.

There were lots of different kinds of cookies. I brought my camera but didn't take a lot of pictures because I was too busy visiting. At the end of the party when almost everyone was gone, I remembered that I needed to take pictures.
I made the remaining ladies pose for a picture. Here they are:

Tawna, who is Brady's sunday school teacher.

Jenny who won the most awesome display of beautiful snacks that had beautiful pretzel sticks covered half in chocolate with sprinkles it was beautiful.

Michele who's a wonderful woman and her husband is the best scout leader ever!!!

Sydnee who was my 2nd councilor in my primary presidency and she has the dearest testimony with tears - which always touched my heart along with the children - I love her very much!!!

Carol Lynn who won the best rice crispies and she has 8 children and is a wonderful mom and woman - she is friendly and loving to everyone around her...

Stephanie who is the host and my dear friend... she is a very upbeat woman who is so fun to be around I love her too

Kellie she is such a sweet woman, she was over achievement girls and they absolutely loved her - almost as one of the girls.

OK - there were tons of women it was so much fun!! I love these parties sooo very much. I love the women of our ward and the love and testimony they bring to my life. Each one is ready to give service and love to anyone in need. I'm glad to be part of this group of people it is such a blessing to my life.
Here is a picture of the plate of cookies I brought home. Most of the cookies were already gone when I finally got around to filling my plate... but I got a great variety. Yes... I was one of the last people to leave.... talk... talk .... talk.... can you imagine me being a huge talker?? LOL..

At 9:06 pm on Thursday night a school night... I knew I'd better get home to Brady, he would be ready to pray and get to bed. While I was on my way home, he was calling everyone in my ward wondering where the party was and why I wasn't home. I didn't take my purse and left my cell phone home (I only took my drivers license, camera and cookies). I was soooo sorry I couldn't quit talking at the party and that I worried him. Poor kid who has to stay home on a rare occasion by himself at night - he doesn't like it at all. Good thing I don't have a dating life - LOL! At this time in my children's life... I have decided to put that on hold and be just a mom - not a single woman. It is my responsibility right now to be a mom and there will be time for me in about 5 more years to be a single woman looking for my eternal companion.
I took a picture of my house a night. Hard to see, but you can get the general idea of the look of our lights at night on our home. Usually I have lights around each window - but I ran out of steam this year... There is always next year.

I love this time of year getting together and sharing best wishes for our friends and love ones. However... since I am not the partying type person... It took me forever to wind down and get to sleep. I am really running out of steam from going... going... decorating... making goodies and devotional crafts... I really need sleep.

Thursday night I made easy mac for Brady's dinner because I was getting ready for the party. I poured the water and instead of putting in the noodles - I put in the cheese sauce and had to start all over.... Then I pulled out the milk to make his chocolate milk. Instead of pulling out the chocolate syrup I pulled out the maple syrup and made maple milk... I am tired and barely hanging on. Such silly mistakes I make when my brain has stopped functioning. This weekend I plan to sleep late and get caught up on my rest - as I have another busy week ahead.


Scrappy Girl said...

What a fun party! I can imagine the fun. Unfortunately a crazy ice/snow shower knocked me out of going to my scrapbook/stamp/Christmas gift exchange class/party. Lots of slashes in all that...LOL! Those cookies look yummy!

I am not sure how good the Easy Mac would taste backwards like that!? Yikes! And maple milk? Not so much...BUT I love maple fudge.

Glad you had such a great time!

Cherie said...

The Cookie Exchange party looked like it was a really fun time with friends that you love. What a great party!

Ann Marie said...

I have seen a few of these cookie exchanges on different blogs, and they look like so much fun!

You cookies looked yummy!

I bet Brady quickly fogot about how worried he was when you showed up with all of those delectable treats. LOL!

Zoey said...

The Christmas cookie exchange seems like such a fun thing to do. I've never been to one. When do they do it?

Sondra said...

Zoey, Stephanie always has it the first week of December. It is so much fun. I've also been to an ornament exchange a couple of years ago and that was fun. I think what makes great is visiting with all of your friends. Then you get to take a plate full of goodies home with you. If you were to have one... I would request everyone to bring their recipe... That is the one thing I miss. I always look forward to this party - more than any other each year.. It is really fun!!


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