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Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkeys and more Turkeys - It's gonna be FUN!

Brady has a Seminary devotional this week. He wanted to have one right before Thanksgiving so that we could do something fun. I decided to make little turkeys for his class. Aaahhhh aren't they cute??

Here is what you need to make these: M&M's. Brown ribbon, Brown Pipe Cleaners, Red Pipe Cleaners, Brown Nylon Tulle Circles, Googly eyes, Yellow Felt square, Scissors and a glue gun.

Pour 1/4 cup of M&M's in the center of the Tulle Circle.
Pull up the edges and tie with a ribbon. This is the hardest part - make sure ALL of the edges are up and above where you tie or it leaks.

Poke a brown pipe cleaner through the tulle where the base of the turkey neck should be.
Fold Brown Pipe Cleaner in half and then in half again (Fourths) and twist in to 1 solid turkey neck and head.
Put a LITTLE bit of glue at the bottom of the neck and push it up to the Tulle/M&Ms in order to support the neck in an upright position.
Cut the Red Pipe Cleaner in to 3rds.
Bend the piece of red pipe cleaner in half and twist. Then in half / kind of like a bulb at the end and twist the top - to form the gobble part (I don't know what it is called - LOL).
Glue to the neck under the head with a little bit of hot glue.

Add eyes and a triangle nose to the head.
Just the cutest turkeys ever!!! I have about 15 more to make before Wednesday. I love seminary devotionals!!
Now we need to come up with the scripture and talk. I have been really looking for a great one all month long. That is why I keep finding great quotes to add to my blog this month. Do you have a favorite one? Do you have any suggestions he could use to give a great devotional on Gratitude and Thank giving? I await your comments. I hope you loved our turkeys!!
We are just enjoying the journey with a thankful heart.


Cherie said...

These are SO CUTE!

I am trying to decide if I should let Trent see them or not because if he looks at them he is going to want to make them - ha ha!

Ann Marie said...

Darling turkey's!!
Your such a good Mom.
I have ALOT of Gratitude quotes, and I'm sure a few talks, so if you get in a jam, e-mail me.


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