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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Music Calms My Soul

I am thankful for music. Nothing calms my soul more then putting on music. I prefer music over television anytime. The music I love best is from musicals, Andrew Lloyd Webber, opera and my favorite singer is Michael Ball: I got hooked on Michael Ball when I saw him Les Miserables. I love powerful and strong music. I have several DVD's for Andrew Lloyd Webber that I can watch over and over. I prefer music that I understand the words to - English. This is a sampling of the music I love to listen to, the music that calms my soul. I hope you enjoy a sampling.

I love this song from Les Miserables
My favorite sound track - plus I LOVED the movie:


CompleteLee Blogger said...

I will agree that music can be a wonderful thing. I love listening to the classical music station whenever I can. Something about the soothing tones of the violins is so calming.

Ann Marie said...

I love Phantom!! I love most kinds of music, and I am very grateful for it also...


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