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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am Thankful for the Beautiful World

This is a very beautiful world we live in. When I look around and really take notice of the beauties in this world, I feel my Saviors love for me. He created all this beauty around us. So often we go about our busy lives without truly taking in the beauty.

Living in the western part of the United States, I have enjoyed many sites throughout the years and I've picked a few pictures of the beautiful places I've been. One of our most favorite places is Yellowstone National Park. Here we are enjoying the wild life (although you can't see the buffalo up close in this photo - I wanted to add a family picture.

Here we are by the famous boiling pots in Yellowstone.

A mountain scene from when I was around 17 years old of Yellowstone.

A meadow in Yellowstone in the springtime. We stopped along the road and Mom took a picture of me and my little brother Richard.

This is a picture by Lake Powell in Utah.

Weeping Rock in Zions Park, Utah. Ohhh so beautiful this world is.

The Redwoods in Oregon. The trees are massive, huge, tall and very awww inspiring. It was very humbling to stand next to these giants. I was 22 in this picture. This was shortly after having Jason. This is a trip I took with his father, Larry. We never married but have remained great friends throughout our life. I love him dearly .... like a brother.

There is such majesty, beauty, love and enormity in this beautiful world. I am so thankful we are blessed by its beauty.

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Ann Marie said...

Fun flashback! I always love to look at old photos! You have been to some great places that I hope to check out oneday!!


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